John W. James: Grief Guru to Bereaved Pet Owners

Lessons learned from the loss of a son inspired JOHN W. JAMES to develop a method of grief recovery for those mourning a different kind of loss--of beloved pets. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the story.

Carole Baskin: No Pussycat

In this installment of TALKING ANIMALS, DUNCAN STRAUSS interviews Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, a Tampa, Florida-based accredited sanctuary dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. In this eye opening co...


Tippi Hedren: Birds, Big Cats And Hitchcock

Actress TIPPI HEDREN had, at least, a complicated relationship with ALFRED HITCHCOCK, and for a few decades now has had a complicated relationship with big cats. A revealing interview by Duncan Strauss.

John Bradshaw Knows What Makes Our Cats Tick (And Purr, For That Matter)

What makes cats tick? International cat expert and best selling author JOHN BRADSHAW offers his theories in this new book, CAT SENSE, and talks felines with our DUNCAN STRAUSS.


It’s All Too Beautiful: Nellie McKay Sounds Off on…Everything

NELLIE MCKAY is never at a loss for words--about animals, the '60s, her new album (MY WEEKLY READER)--and she told it as it is in a lively TALKING ANIMALS interview with DUNCAN STRAUSS

Man, Dog, Rooster, Love: Brian McGrory’s Shaggy Story

Boston Globe editor BRIAN MCGRORY says his dog Harry and his inherited-through-marriage rooster Buddy have made him a better man. In fact, he crows about all this, so to speak, in a terrific new book and in a new Talking Animal...


Alison Eastwood: Widening Efforts To Foster Fostering

CLINT EASTWOOD's accomplished daughter ALISON visits DUNCAN STRAUSS to discuss how she added 'animal advocate' to her resume and founded

A 2nd Chance for Orphaned Pets

Pets orphaned by their deceased or ill owners are an at-risk group. AMY SHEVER, founder of 2nd CHANCE 4 PETS, is about making sure these animals don't wind up discarded in shelters.


After 30 ‘Bizarro’ Years, Dan Piraro Is Going…Somewhere Else…Maybe…Who Knows?

After 30 years, DAN PIRARO is retiring his popular syndicated comic 'Bizarro,' which has often reflected his interest in animal rights. DUNCAN STRAUSS gets the lowdown on what's next--and when.

What’s A Dog For?: John Homan’s Ambitious Journey Through The Canine World

In the new Talking Animals installment, Duncan Strauss chats with JOHN HOMANS, executive editor of New York Magazine and author of the fascinating 'What's a Dog For? The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy and Politics of M...


‘So Keith Richards Says to Me…’

On the advice of KEITH RICHARDS, KEVIN FITZGERALD transformed himself from Stones bouncer to superstar veterinarian. And standup comic. True that.

It’s a Giraffe! It’s a Horse! It’s a Zebra!
No, It’s an Okapi, the Odd Duck of the Congo

A giraffe head plopped on a dark brown horse body with the rump and legs of a zebra--not a mistake from the Animal Design Studio, but a real animal, the okapi, the last large animal discovered in Africa. And John Lukas has been...