When Orcas Go Postal: The Gravest Show On Earth

Duncan Strauss talks with author DAVID KIRBY about Death At SeaWorld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity, his riveting exposé of SeaWorld’s disturbing treatment of killer whales, one of which killed its tr...

Rooting Around In a Wonder-ful Pig’s World

ESTHER THE WONDER PIG is a NY Times best selling author with 770,000 Facebook followers. DUNCAN STRAUSS brings home the bacon in an exclusive interview (not with Esther).


Inside the Beagle Freedom Project

At some 380 U.S. research institutions and labs, 70,000 dogs are being experimented on--and 96 percent of those dogs are beagles. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the story.

Everybody Loves Vint!

In his acclaimed book The Soul of All Living Creatures, DR. VINT VIRGA offers a spiritual-oriented examination of the connection between humans and animals. He explains further to our DUNCAN STRAUSS in TALKING ANIMALS


Take That, Mr. Ed

Duncan Strauss, host of NPR's Talking Animals, visits with Dr. Edie Dopking, founder of Quantum Leap Farm, a non-profit operation with a special emphasis on providing horse therapy for veterans, military members and their famil...

Protecting All Creatures Great & Small

Imagine a politician that believes animals are citizens too, my friends, and are entitled to the rights and protections we enjoy as humans. Enter NJ State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak.


‘I Always Thought SeaWorld Was a Happy Place’

An interview with documentary filmmaker GABRIELA COWPERTHWAITE on her eye opening documentary BLACKFISH about the mistreatment of Orcas in captivity.

Pandemonium’s Michele Raffin: A Real Bird Brain

A chance meeting with an injured bird changed the course of MICHELE RAFFIN's life. Now the founder of PANDEMONIUM AVIARIES is committed to preserving endangered bird species, right in her own back yard.


‘You’ve Got To Chase the String While You Can’: Paula Poundstone Gains Wisdom From Her Vast Squadron Of Cats

Paula Poundstone has 16 cats. She loves cats. In the new installment of Talking Animals, the 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me' mainstay explains the invaluable lesson she's learned from her felines: 'You've got to chase the string wh...

Sniffing Out Revelations About the Canine Sense of Smell

After reading ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ’s 'Being a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell,' it turns out that many of us may have severely underestimated just how much that nose knows. DUNCAN STRAUSS investigates.


Best In Show: Fred Willard In Anything, Including Animal Welfare

'I've always loved animals,' FRED WILLARD tells DUNCAN STRUASS in the new installment of TALKING ANIMALS. Among other topics, he discusses his involvement in Actors and Others for Animals.

John W. James: Grief Guru to Bereaved Pet Owners

Lessons learned from the loss of a son inspired JOHN W. JAMES to develop a method of grief recovery for those mourning a different kind of loss--of beloved pets. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the story.