I Smell a Rat, A Rat Smells Danger

APOPO, a Tanzania-based non-profit organization, is having great success training African giant-pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. You read that right. Join Duncan Strauss for the scoop.

Talking Animals: Feral, And a Friend of Animals

She's 30 years into her Presidency of FRIENDS OF ANIMALS, an international animal advocacy organization, and her name really is PRISCILLA FERAL. 'I'm wired for this kind of confrontational work,' she says.


‘So Keith Richards Says to Me…’

On the advice of KEITH RICHARDS, KEVIN FITZGERALD transformed himself from Stones bouncer to superstar veterinarian. And standup comic. True that.

The Cat’s Pajamas of Social Media

If you’re contemplating raising your kids without any pets in the home, you should know that one could turn out to be a man who raps about cats.


Alison Eastwood: Widening Efforts To Foster Fostering

CLINT EASTWOOD's accomplished daughter ALISON visits DUNCAN STRAUSS to discuss how she added 'animal advocate' to her resume and founded FOSTERFURKIDS.com.

Tippi Hedren: Birds, Big Cats And Hitchcock

Actress TIPPI HEDREN had, at least, a complicated relationship with ALFRED HITCHCOCK, and for a few decades now has had a complicated relationship with big cats. A revealing interview by Duncan Strauss.


Sniffing Out Revelations About the Canine Sense of Smell

After reading ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ’s 'Being a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell,' it turns out that many of us may have severely underestimated just how much that nose knows. DUNCAN STRAUSS investigates.

Protecting All Creatures Great & Small

Imagine a politician that believes animals are citizens too, my friends, and are entitled to the rights and protections we enjoy as humans. Enter NJ State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak.


Rooting Around In a Wonder-ful Pig’s World

ESTHER THE WONDER PIG is a NY Times best selling author with 770,000 Facebook followers. DUNCAN STRAUSS brings home the bacon in an exclusive interview (not with Esther).

In Vigorous Defense of the Maligned Pit Bull

Author BRONWEN DICKEY, daughter of the late JAMES DICKEY (Deliverance), is stepping up to defend a most maligned breed in her book PIT BULL: THE BATTLE FOR AN AMERICAN ICON. DUNCAN STRAUSS gets the lowdown.


Inspired by Tolstoy and Pigs

Toronto-based animal rights activist ANITA KRAJNC is co-founder of Toronto Pig Save. They save pigs from slaughter, on pain of arrest. Their efforts are paying off. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the inside story.

An Octopus Opus More Gripping Than Eight Tentacles

An essential interview with SY MONTGOMERY, author of THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS. You'll get sucked in.