The Paw Project Scratches Out Ways To Educate About Declawing—And To Halt It

DR. JENNIFER CONRAD, a veterinarian, has founded THE PAW PROJECT to educate the public about the dangers of declawing cats, and then to halt the odious practice in its tracks. An exclusive interview by DUNCAN STRAUSS.

‘You’ve Got To Chase the String While You Can’: Paula Poundstone Gains Wisdom From Her Vast Squadron Of Cats

Paula Poundstone has 16 cats. She loves cats. In the new installment of Talking Animals, the 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me' mainstay explains the invaluable lesson she's learned from her felines: 'You've got to chase the string wh...


It’s a Giraffe! It’s a Horse! It’s a Zebra!
No, It’s an Okapi, the Odd Duck of the Congo

A giraffe head plopped on a dark brown horse body with the rump and legs of a zebra--not a mistake from the Animal Design Studio, but a real animal, the okapi, the last large animal discovered in Africa. And John Lukas has been...

An Octopus Opus More Gripping Than Eight Tentacles

An essential interview with SY MONTGOMERY, author of THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS. You'll get sucked in.


After 30 ‘Bizarro’ Years, Dan Piraro Is Going…Somewhere Else…Maybe…Who Knows?

After 30 years, DAN PIRARO is retiring his popular syndicated comic 'Bizarro,' which has often reflected his interest in animal rights. DUNCAN STRAUSS gets the lowdown on what's next--and when.

Take That, Mr. Ed

Duncan Strauss, host of NPR's Talking Animals, visits with Dr. Edie Dopking, founder of Quantum Leap Farm, a non-profit operation with a special emphasis on providing horse therapy for veterans, military members and their famil...


Tippi Hedren: Birds, Big Cats And Hitchcock

Actress TIPPI HEDREN had, at least, a complicated relationship with ALFRED HITCHCOCK, and for a few decades now has had a complicated relationship with big cats. A revealing interview by Duncan Strauss.

Everybody Loves Vint!

In his acclaimed book The Soul of All Living Creatures, DR. VINT VIRGA offers a spiritual-oriented examination of the connection between humans and animals. He explains further to our DUNCAN STRAUSS in TALKING ANIMALS


‘She Proves to Me That Every Life is a Gift’: The Zen of Dillie the Deer

Born blind, rejected by her mother, Dillie the Deer has found a home with veterinarian Dr. Melanie Butera and her husband. Inside their home. In her own bedroom. And on her own webcam. DUNCAN STRAUSS explains it all.

John Bradshaw Knows What Makes Our Cats Tick (And Purr, For That Matter)

What makes cats tick? International cat expert and best selling author JOHN BRADSHAW offers his theories in this new book, CAT SENSE, and talks felines with our DUNCAN STRAUSS.


Protecting All Creatures Great & Small

Imagine a politician that believes animals are citizens too, my friends, and are entitled to the rights and protections we enjoy as humans. Enter NJ State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak.

Consumed with ‘Kudo’: Real-Life Superhero Is Animal Abusers’ Worst Nightmare

When it comes to animal abusers, especially those running illegal slaughterhouses, RICHARD 'KUDO' COUTO is unforgiving and merciless in bringing the miscreants to justice. Exclusive interview.