Harpsichord In a New World

MAHAN ESFAHANI continues to break new ground for the harpsichord on his latest CD, TIME PRESENT AND TIME PAST. Review by ROBERT HUGILL.

Introducing Olivia Chin Mueller

This month JULES welcomes up-and-coming illustrator OLIVIA CHIN MUELLER, whose work is as dazzling as it is intriguing and complex--a real find!


Informal, Intimate and Memorable: Edie Adams Celebrates the Season

Pieced together from audio clips Edie Adams paid a transcription service to record so she could tweak her performances on The Ernie Kovacs Show, The Edie Adams Christmas Album is informal, intimate and memorable--a raft of char...

Written In the Land

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of over 25,000 years of Aboriginal occupation within this area, and Kakadu's rock art (gunbim) represents the longest historical record of any group of people in the world


‘A Perfect Blue-White Diamond, And Just As Rare’

Remembering the silver screen's, and one of the 20th Century's, greatest vocalists, DEANNA DURBIN, 1921-2013, plus a guide to her essential recordings on CD.

Bob Marovich’s Gospel Picks – January 2013

Bob Marovich's Gospel Picks this month includes new albums by Pastor Mitty Collier, The Rance Allen Group, Manifest, Trey McLaughlin and the Sounds of Zamar and Pastor Van D. Robertson.


‘It’s Where Your Life Makes Sense’

On his new solo album, Soo, HABIB KOITE goes home to Mali and draws together all the strands of his life--music, friends, countrymen. 'It's where your life makes sense,' says Habib.

No Words Necessary

If you were to select only all-instrumental albums of holiday music, you could hardly do better than to latch onto disparate Yuletide forays by LEROY ANDERSON and JOHN FAHEY


Enlightened Moodism

East meets East in a mesmerizing collaboration between Russian pianist-composter ANTON BATAGOV and Tibetan singer YUNGCHEN LHAMO on the haunting album TAYATHA. In our interview, this musical odd couple explains it all.

Ranchers 4 Peace Mark Trayvon Martin Anniversary, Ready 2nd EP

RANCHERS 4 PEACE, the father-daughter duo of Charles and Ray Duncan, marks the anniversary of the Trayvon Martin shooting and continues work on its new EP. Free download for Deep Roots readers.