• The Pelican Warning
    DUNCAN STRAUSS checks in with another scoop: an interview with DUNCAN P. FORGEY, author of FLYIN' KAI: A PELICAN'S TALE complete with a warning about climate change.
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Staying the Course

On CARTER STANLEY'S EYES, PETER ROWAN journeys into his deepest roots in bluegrass and folk. That's what happens when you stick with it.
by David McGee


Then Came The Reign

Though nominally a bluegrass group, Mobile, Alabama's DELTA REIGN brings folk, blues and western swing styles to bear on its music, originals and covers alike,on Calm Before the Storm, our new Album of the Week.
by David McGee



Surf in Verse — June 2014

Riding the waves has inspired some surfers to break out in verse to explain their connection to the waves and Mother Earth. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones provide the soundtrack.
by David McGee


‘He Accomplished Everything He Ever Wanted’

One of the greatest jazz guitarists ever, JOHNNY SMITH passed away on June 11. A tribute to the artist best known for 'Moonlight in Vermont' and 'Walk Don't Run!"
by David McGee



‘It Must Have Been the Mistletoe’: Mandrell Knew It Was Cool Before It Was Cool

"It Must Have Been the Mistletoe,' written by JUSTIN WILDE and DOUG KONECKY, has become a contemporary seasonal standard, but it wasn't an easy sell. The story behind the song follows.
by David McGee


The Beauty of Belle at Yuletide

  By Robert M. Marovich   MY COLORFUL CHRISTMAS Regina Belle Tashi3  Entertainment/Altavoz Distribution http://iamreginabelle.com/   My Colorful Christmas, the first yuletide album from GRAMMY Awardee Regina Bel...
by David McGee



Elbert Hubbard’s Mozart

ELBERT HUBBARD--writer, publisher,artist and philosopher--was about as interesting a character as the famous people he wrote about. His 1901 prose portrait of MOZART is unlike any other account of the great composer's life and ...
by David McGee


‘When You Worship More, You Worry Less’

One of gospel's best selling artists,JAMES FORTUNE and his group FIYA have enjoyed a #1 run with their new double-CD album, LIVE THROUGH IT. Fortune's most popular songs focus on overcoming hardships, and he explains why in an ...
by David McGee



From Any Angle, It’s Still the Blues

BLUESMAN and former boxer GRADY CHAMPION is launching his new label with strong albums from his first signings: EDDIE COTTON with HERE I COME and JJ THAMES with TELL YOU WHAT I KNOW
by David McGee


A Christmas Classic For A Nuclear Armageddon

A seasonal classic born of an interfaith couple’s mutual concern for the fate of the world during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. The origin story of 'DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?'
by David McGee