• The Pelican Warning
    DUNCAN STRAUSS checks in with another scoop: an interview with DUNCAN P. FORGEY, author of FLYIN' KAI: A PELICAN'S TALE complete with a warning about climate change.
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Beautiful Music: Mr. Disney, Annette and ‘Tutti’

Part 2 of a two-part tribute to the late ANNETTE FUNICELLO, who died of multiple sclerosis at age 70 on April 8. This installment focuses on Annette's studio work with producer TUTTI CAMARATA.
by David McGee


A Bracing Christmas Wind

In Horns For the Holidays, the superb Dallas Wind Symphony not only celebrates the Christmas music tradition but also exemplifies the best of the wind ensemble genre, with its unique sonorities and long tradition of both origin...
by David McGee



John Bradshaw Knows What Makes Our Cats Tick (And Purr, For That Matter)

What makes cats tick? International cat expert and best selling author JOHN BRADSHAW offers his theories in this new book, CAT SENSE, and talks felines with our DUNCAN STRAUSS.
by David McGee



The Best of the Rest for 2022...winners all!
by David McGee



Bringing It All Back Home

One of the best albums of 2016 was recorded in 1978 and is only now seeing the light of day. LIVE AT ROSY'S captures the great SARAH VAUGHAN in a peak moment. She was indeed the Divine One--and Sassy too.
by David McGee


Down and Dirty Strings

On his Stringtet's new album, In the Gallery, composer/guitarist JASON SEED, unites classical players, jazz freedom and imaginary folk music. Jason explains it all in our interview.
by David McGee



The Common Language of the Heart

Tony Bennett and Bill Charlap are together again, now in a relaxed, refined, reflective and altogether classy survey of the songs of Jerome Kern, 'the angel at the top of the tree.'
by David McGee


NASA’S Fermi Measures Cosmic ‘Fog’ Produced by Ancient Starlight

Astronomers using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have made the most accurate measurement of starlight in the universe and used it to establish the total amount of light from all of the stars that have ever sho...
by David McGee



A Solid Sender

KENNY 'BLUES BOSS' WAYNE is back with ROLLIN' WITH THE BOSS, a cool album of Kansas City boogie-woogie and New Orleans grooves that won't stop rockin'.
by David McGee


In Search of the Cleansing Moment

Merciless as ever, and making paint peel from the walls with the heat of his guitar blitzkrieg, DUDLEY TAFT has made his third solo album, SCREAMING IN THE WIND, his most memorable.
by David McGee