For Whom These Bells Toll

THREE BELLS, a collaboration between three great dobro masters--MIKE AULDRIDGE, JERRY DOUGLAS and ROB ICKES--is flat-out a beautiful, evocative album with virtuosity always in service to the heart. Is is also the great AULDRIDG...

Everybody Loves Vint!

In his acclaimed book The Soul of All Living Creatures, DR. VINT VIRGA offers a spiritual-oriented examination of the connection between humans and animals. He explains further to our DUNCAN STRAUSS in TALKING ANIMALS


The End of the ’60s? Where Do I Begin…

In this installment of his forthcoming memoirs, contributing editor MICHAEL SIGMAN lands a full-time job at RECORD WORLD right out of college, at the very moment sure signals of the '60s' end could not be ignored.

Très engagé E una gioia di vivere (or, You Go, Girl)

Exploring the vagaries of love in French and Italian songs, CATARINA ZAPPONI delivers a seductive gem on ROMANTICA, her first album since 2001 and well worth the wait.


The Deep Roots 2016 Yuletide Baedeker

A guide to the Christmas content published over the years in and Deep Roots, including our 2016 Christmas album picks.

A Half-Century of Classic Animated ‘Rudolph’

On Dec. 6, 1964 NBC premiered an animated version of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER with BURL IVES as host. It drew a 50 share and was an instant holiday classic. From a 50 share to 50 years, we pay tribute to this RANKIN-BASS ...


Our Christmas Best to You

In the late '80s BONNEVILLE MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS sent out a press-only holiday tape that is an unassuming classic of its kind--funny, moving and heartwarming. Hear this lost gem exclusively at Deep Roots.

Christmas Blues with a Positive Spin

Appraising a Yuletide gem from Carolina beach music legend, soul veteran CLIFFORD CURRY, and a look back at Curry's interesting career.


45 Years Later, Still Right on Time

The tipoff is in the title: MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH MARTY ROBBINS. One of country's greatest singers is intimately involved in the thoughtful songs he shares with us for the Yuletide including two of his own.

Everything Old Is New Again

On CHRISTMAS, the platinum-plus Australian Christian artist PETER FURLER teams with Vintage Christmas aficionado DAVID IAN for a soothing, introspective, jazz-based seasonal rumination.