A Paean to Living, Remembering, Carrying On, Moving Forward

The pieces on this expertly produced Open G Records disc ask the listener not only to absorb the complexities of the sonic layers but also to consider their meaning.

Exuding the Joy of Connection Through Music

FRANCESCA DEGO's exceptional album of concerti by NICCOLO PAGANINI and ERMANNO WOLF-FERRARI merits an exceptional review by JOSEPH NEWSOME



On WE RISE UP, RAVEN AND RED confront all manner of romantic debacle and emerge undaunted. Attention must be paid to these young artists.

If It Weren’t for Good Luck…

On this, his 18th long player, Chris Smither emphasizes—then re-emphasizes--the irony of the collection’s title while taking interesting detours into vintage classics.


‘Snoop, Let’s Take ’em To Church!’

SNOOP DOGG promised his new label would offer opportunities for gospel artists, and he delivers, mightily, on that promise on SNOOP DOGG PRESENTS BIBLE OF LOVE

The Heart, The Inscrutable Heart

On A HEART NEVER KNOWS, Ohio's PRICE SISTERS may have lessons to impart about teleportation, so authentic is their otherworldliness.


The Inner Light

The thirty-ninth album of his career may be JOHN MCCUTCHEON's finest yet. The storytelling is vivid and moving, the music is appropriately nuanced, the singing heartfelt and engaging. Let GHOST LIGHT take hold.

Intimate and Finely Judged

The mystery of ORLANDO BLOOM's 17th Century consort anthems persists, but his work lives anew and in beauty in CHAINS OF GOLD by the MAGDALENA CONSORT, FRETWORK and HIS MAJESTYS SAGBUTTS and CORNETTS


Let Us Now Praise Infamous Men

The pen and musicianship of the legendary JOHN MENDLESSOHN have brought us ISAMBARD JONES & HIS ORCHESTRA, wherein the absurdist meets the British Music Hall.

Orpheus, Don’t Look Back

GRAYSON CAPPS's Scarlett Roses is an epic vision of life, love and struggle in the here and now. It is some kind of masterpiece.


Timeless Gospel Messages Delivered in New Ways

MICHELLE DAVID is a gospel dynamo, and she's outdone herself, again, with THE GOSPEL SESSIONS VOL. 2. Bob Marovich weighs in one on of 2017's finest new CD releases.

Love in The Medici Court

From fragments of the earliest known operas as performed at the Medici court in Florence, Italy, RAPHAEL PICHON has assembled a fresh, passionate whole--a celebration of love--in the two-CD set, STRAVAGANZA D'AMORE.