And Here’s To The Life

In a long overdue tribute. pop-jazz vocalist Connie Evingson does wonderful things in honoring the lyrics of Norman Gimbel on SWEET HAPPY LIFE, this week's ALBUM OF THE WEEK. Talk about killing us softly with his songs...

Under the Skin, Into the Heart

Nashville's McCrary Sisters--progeny of Fairfield Four founding member Rev. Samuel McCrary, have issued one of this year's most uplifting and stirring statements with their second album, ALL THE WAY. They'll take you there.


The Whole Thing Was Such Fun

Perhaps when you hear Jesse croon the poignant plea, “Bring my baby, oh, my baby back to me…,” you think, Yes, please do bring him back. Please. Do.

‘Where Do I Start and Where Do You Begin?’

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, singer-songwriter HOLLY ANN has produced a deeply moving meditation on faith in her second album, LIGHT AND BLOOM. BOB MAROVICH provides the review.


We Need to Talk

A fine new long player by one of the best bluegrass bands extant, THE MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING ME HOME finds JUNIOR SISK & RAMBLERS CHOICE chronicling betrayals, regrets and loss. We need to talk.

Something Old, Something New, Lots of Blues

MARIA MULDAUR's 40th album, one of her best yet, is a tribute to a woman who was one of her early inspirations, Memphis Minnie. Guest performances include solid turns by BONNIE RAITT, RORY BLOCK, KOKO TAYLOR and PHOEBE SNOW.


And Lo, She Flies

Violinist, guitarist and master of the cwrth, EMERALD RAE emerges as a serious singer-songwriter on IF ONLY I COULD FLY.

A Final Flowering

ANONYMOUS 4 is closing out its near-30-year career with one of its finest albums, 1865--SONGS OF HOPE AND HOME FROM THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, the final installment of its Americana Trilogy.


The Throw of the Dice: Josquin’s ‘Missa Di Dadi’

With PETER PHILLIPS directing , THE TALLIS SCHOLARS return with their eleventh disc of JOSQUIN masses, a welcome release featuring two quirkly early masses, including 'Missa Di Dadi,' or 'The Dice Mass.'

If It Weren’t for Good Luck…

On this, his 18th long player, Chris Smither emphasizes—then re-emphasizes--the irony of the collection’s title while taking interesting detours into vintage classics.


Long Ago, Far Away, Ever Relevant

Exploring songs associated with the great female blues and jazz vocalists of the '20s and '30s, ROBERTA DONNAY & THE PROHIBITION MOB BAND sound ever-relevant on A LITTLE SUGAR

‘It’s Where Your Life Makes Sense’

On his new solo album, Soo, HABIB KOITE goes home to Mali and draws together all the strands of his life--music, friends, countrymen. 'It's where your life makes sense,' says Habib.