Let Us Now Praise Infamous Men

The pen and musicianship of the legendary JOHN MENDLESSOHN have brought us ISAMBARD JONES & HIS ORCHESTRA, wherein the absurdist meets the British Music Hall.

Orpheus, Don’t Look Back

GRAYSON CAPPS's Scarlett Roses is an epic vision of life, love and struggle in the here and now. It is some kind of masterpiece.


Timeless Gospel Messages Delivered in New Ways

MICHELLE DAVID is a gospel dynamo, and she's outdone herself, again, with THE GOSPEL SESSIONS VOL. 2. Bob Marovich weighs in one on of 2017's finest new CD releases.

Love in The Medici Court

From fragments of the earliest known operas as performed at the Medici court in Florence, Italy, RAPHAEL PICHON has assembled a fresh, passionate whole--a celebration of love--in the two-CD set, STRAVAGANZA D'AMORE.


To Do More, To Be More

After a near-20-year absence, LITTLE STEVEN has returned with a new solo album, SOULFIRE. Rock 'n' soul don't get any better than this. All others are pretenders to the throne.

Fique Quieto Meu Coração (or, Be Still My Heart)

On her second full album, VENTO DO NORTE, Rio native (now L.A. resident) BIANCA ROSSINI offers Bossa Nova and fresh takes on the mystery and glory of love.


We Need to Talk

A fine new long player by one of the best bluegrass bands extant, THE MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING ME HOME finds JUNIOR SISK & RAMBLERS CHOICE chronicling betrayals, regrets and loss. We need to talk.

Bobby Osborne: Sui Generis

Now 85, bluegrass legend BOBBY OSBORNE, with ALISON BROWN producing and superb backing musicians, has a solo triumph in the accurately titled ORIGINAL.


Swingin’ and A-Surfin’, All Summer Long: Revisited

A fresh look at one of our 2014 summer picks, SUMMER BEACH PARTY, a collection of tunes from the beach movies of the '60s, with some curious omissions to account for.

Beyond Time

Hailing from South Florida, musical educators and musicians all, the NEW VISION SAX ENSEMBLE makes its recording debut with scintillating takes on classic jazz, pop and show tunes.


Blues, Classical & Corky Siegel Ascendant

Blues harmonica master and skilled composer CORKY SIEGEL returns with his CHAMBER BLUES string quartet for a blues-classical romp on DIFFERENT VOICES..

Communing With Misfortune, In Search of Justice

Falsely convicted of murder, four Native Alaskans--the Fairbanks Four--were freed in 2015 after 18 years in prison. Composer Emerson Eads responded with MASS FOR THE OPPRESSED.