The Perfect ‘Storm’

One of our great contemporary gospel singers has returned from a four-year recording hiatus with her strongest album yet. 'Til The Storm Passes By captures the versatile Lynda Randle at her testifying best on a powerhouse colle...

Orpheus, Don’t Look Back

GRAYSON CAPPS's Scarlett Roses is an epic vision of life, love and struggle in the here and now. It is some kind of masterpiece.


Very Mary Indeed

Unquestionably the top new Christmas release of 2013, A MARY CHRISTMAS, the DAVID FOSTER-produced holiday long player from MARY J. BLIGE, is an instant soul Christmas classic.

Cool Blues. Really Cool Blues.

In Blues in Other Colors,, blues pianist David Maxwell has hit a high note in a most distinguished career.


The Zito Doctrine

Moving forward from the blunt confessions of 'Gone to Texas,' MIKE ZITO, working with producer TOM HAMBRIDGE, lets 'er rip in glorious fashion on the incendiary MAKE BLUES NOT WAR, one of 2016's best.

The Poetry, and The Poet, Within

One of the finest bluegrass singer-songwriters extant, DONNA ULISSE pays homage to the artists that inspired her on SHOWIN' MY ROOTS.


‘Unprecedented, Powerful, Contagious’

Joyous, uplifting, even challenging in its own way, FBB by the SIBELIUS-AKATEMIAN FOLK BIG BAND takes the concept of David Bromberg's folk band a step further and delivers one of 2014's unexpected delights.

His Own Man

DEVON ALLMAN's solo debut, 'Turquoise,' tells us the son of Gregg is his own man--more to the point, that he knows who he is as his own man. No mean feat, that.


Existential Bluegrass

Bluegrass existentialists THE ROYS are back with THE VIEW, comprised of songs pondering the burden of memory as time marches on, along with philosophical appraisals of quotidian troubles and joys.

The Throw of the Dice: Josquin’s ‘Missa Di Dadi’

With PETER PHILLIPS directing , THE TALLIS SCHOLARS return with their eleventh disc of JOSQUIN masses, a welcome release featuring two quirkly early masses, including 'Missa Di Dadi,' or 'The Dice Mass.'


Black Sacred Music, A.D. to B.D.

An essential overview of black scared folk music recorded between 1926 A.D. (After Arizona Dranes) and 1936 B.D. (Before Thomas Dorsey)

For a Friend

Just over the horizon, out of sight, beyond the ear’s reach, love, like the road, goes on forever. NANCY CASSIDY celebrates life for an ailing friend on SONG OF JOY.