Timeless Gospel Messages Delivered in New Ways

MICHELLE DAVID is a gospel dynamo, and she's outdone herself, again, with THE GOSPEL SESSIONS VOL. 2. Bob Marovich weighs in one on of 2017's finest new CD releases.

‘So Keith Richards Says to Me…’

On the advice of KEITH RICHARDS, KEVIN FITZGERALD transformed himself from Stones bouncer to superstar veterinarian. And standup comic. True that.


In Trim: Bruce Brown’s Endless Epic

Writing for the defunct Longboard magazine in 2005, PAUL HOLMES captured the entire epic saga of the making of BRUCE BROWN's THE ENDLESS SUMMER, the greatest surfing film of them all.

From Senegal to Many Ports of Call

Senegalese singer-songwriter-guitarist NURU KANE has released his most ambitious work yet, EXILE, described by our reviewer as 'an eclectic, franco-african-diasporic fusion album.."


Shakespeare, In Concept

CLARA SANABRAS has adapted SHAKESPEARE'S 'THE TEMPEST' into an operatic production and, now, a concept album with Britten Sinfonia and others. It's a beauty. ROBERT HUGILL reviews.

The Adkins Doctrine

Populist bluegrasser DAVE ADKINS is back with his second solo album, a self-titled effort. The social conscience remains intact, but the heart is what it's all about here. All else is marginalia.


The Passionate Style

Italian composer, gambist, and singer Claudio Giovanni Monteverdi is often regarded as revolutionary in that his work marked the transition from the Renaissance style of music to that of the Baroque period. He developed two ind...

Oceanic Swells of Feeling and Musicality

On COUCHVILLE SESSIONS, DARRELL SCOTT'S 'patient, perfectionism and passion' come together in 'ocean swells of feeling and musicality,' says our DERK RICHARDSON.


Of Dark Hearts and Lethal Consequences

The Earl Brothers are back with their dark-hearted bluegrass--like no other bluegrass known to humankind--on Outlaw Hillbilly. Our Album of the Week selection chronicles the Bay Area band's continuing crafting of one of the mos...

Universal Truths

NOAM PIKELNY steps away from the PUNCH BROTHERS for his fourth solo album, UNIVERSAL TRUTH; and the truth is, it's just Noam, his instruments, his voice, and it's great.


Sweet November (1968)

In DEEP ROOTS THEATER, ANTHONY NEWLEY and SANDY DENNIS star in one of 1968's great date movies, SWEET NOVEMBER, a bonafide multi-hanky romance with a tragic underpinning and a challenge to conventional notions of relationships....

VaShawn Mitchell Knows What He Was ‘Created 4’

One of gospel’s “triple threats,” VaShawn Mitchell could barely contain his excitement during a phone interview about his new album, Created 4 This, his fourth long player. Mitchell developed Created 4 This as...


Stone Cold Country

STONE COLD COUNTRY: Remembering the music and the life of GEORGE JONES, 1931-2013