Awakening & Transformation in India

In 1986 ERIKA ABRAMS was persuaded by her husband to visit India. An awakening and transformative experience ensued, leading to the formation of ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED.

Exuding the Joy of Connection Through Music

FRANCESCA DEGO's exceptional album of concerti by NICCOLO PAGANINI and ERMANNO WOLF-FERRARI merits an exceptional review by JOSEPH NEWSOME


Deep Roots Albums of the Year, 2017

Our Albums of the Year for 2017, wherein we honor exemplary artistry by ERIC BIBB, GRAYSON CAPPS, RICHARD HARVEY, LITTLE STEVEN CARY MORIN, MARTY STUART and LEE ANN WOMACK. Well done!

In Trim: Bruce Brown’s Endless Epic

Writing for the defunct Longboard magazine in 2005, PAUL HOLMES captured the entire epic saga of the making of BRUCE BROWN's THE ENDLESS SUMMER, the greatest surfing film of them all.


Time, Time, Time, See What’s Become of Me

What's better than one new DONNA HUGHES album? Answer: two new DONNA HUGHES albums. The gifted bluegrass singer-songwriter is back with FROM THE HEART and FLY. We appraise, and praise.

Pandemonium’s Michele Raffin: A Real Bird Brain

A chance meeting with an injured bird changed the course of MICHELE RAFFIN's life. Now the founder of PANDEMONIUM AVIARIES is committed to preserving endangered bird species, right in her own back yard.


The Biologist’s Folk Songs

Inspired by Moravian folk songs transcribed by Dr. Vladimir Ulehla, DAVALA--the duo of ARAM BAJAKIAN and Dr. Ulehla's daughter, JULIE ULEHLA--reinvigorate those songs for modern ears.

‘We’ll Promise Not To Hurt Her Anymore’

Staring 2015 on a topical note, North Carolina singer-songwriter LAURELYN DOSSETT has posted a video of her new song, 'THE RIVER'S LAMENT,' inspired by the Dan River Coal Ash Spill of Feb. 2014


Sean Costello, Fully Present

Finally seeing the light of day after being recorded in 2005, SEAN COSTELLO's IN THE MAGIC SHOP is more than a fitting final tribute--it's a masterpiece by an artist who is fully present in all dimensions.

Chaplin’s Masterpiece: ‘The Gold Rush’

About the making of THE GOLD RUSH, the film for which CHARLIE CHAPLIN said he most wanted to be remembered. The final installment of our 125th birthday anniversary celebration


Christmas Music for All Christmases to Come

Released in 2013 but now gaining traction, THE DEPUE BROTHERS take a batch of largely familiar seasonal gems to new and unexpected places with their exquisite instrumental work and thus create a bonafide Yuletide essential.

It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947)

Often overlooked among holiday evergreens, IT HAPPENED ON 5TH AVENUE features CHARLES RUGGLES leading a fine cast in a tale of redemption filmed in New York City in 1947, when 5th Avenue was still a 2-way street. Plus 14 Disney...


The Real Christmas Miracle

JASON RINGENBERG may have taken to farming but he hasn't left his rock 'n' roll years behind him. He's back with a Yuletide gem outfitted with flourishes of punk and straight ahead rock 'n' roll that recalls his glory years fro...

How to Win Charts and Alienate People

In this two-part excerpt from his memoir, JUST REMEMBER: FIELD NOTES FROM A MUSIC BIZ LIFE, MICHAEL SIGMAN recalls the fallout from Record World's decision to publish sales-based charts, and how The Who changed the magazine's f...