On WE RISE UP, RAVEN AND RED confront all manner of romantic debacle and emerge undaunted. Attention must be paid to these young artists.

I Smell a Rat, A Rat Smells Danger

APOPO, a Tanzania-based non-profit organization, is having great success training African giant-pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. You read that right. Join Duncan Strauss for the scoop.


Deep Roots Albums of the Year, 2017

Our Albums of the Year for 2017, wherein we honor exemplary artistry by ERIC BIBB, GRAYSON CAPPS, RICHARD HARVEY, LITTLE STEVEN CARY MORIN, MARTY STUART and LEE ANN WOMACK. Well done!

In Trim: Bruce Brown’s Endless Epic

Writing for the defunct Longboard magazine in 2005, PAUL HOLMES captured the entire epic saga of the making of BRUCE BROWN's THE ENDLESS SUMMER, the greatest surfing film of them all.


‘The Point Is, You Can Go On A Musical Journey’

Celebrating 10 Years of Publishing: from TheBluegrassSpecial.com archives, the November 2010 cover story interview with RAUL MALO

Feeling Nature’s Rhythms, Mystery and Spiritual Beauty

So Scottish composer/pianist ALEXANDER CHAPMAN CAMPBELL went for a long walk through Norway and lo! A beautiful album materialized...


Staying the Course

On CARTER STANLEY'S EYES, PETER ROWAN's journeys into his deepest roots in bluegrass and folk. That's what happens when you stick with it.

Knockout ‘Punch’

Marking our 10th anniversary in publishing, we begin a year-long retrospective of the 'greatest hits' from TheBluegrassSpecial.com and Deep Roots


Feeling Nature’s Rhythms, Mystery and Spiritual Beauty

A sequence of nine evocative, often poignant solo piano pieces by the young Scottish composer/pianist Alexander Chapman Campbell, inspired by a walk through Norwegian mountains

Church Aphorisms and Mother Wit in Abundance

Still singing songs packed with church aphorisms and mother wit, some of BEVERLY CRAWFORD's most memorable moments are captured on THE ESSENTIAL-VOL 2


If It Weren’t for Good Luck…

On this, his 18th long player, Chris Smither emphasizes—then re-emphasizes--the irony of the collection’s title while taking interesting detours into vintage classics.

The Heroic and Visionary Women of Passover

'At Passover, we must tell the stories of the women who played a crucial role in the Exodus narrative.' A reminder by JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG and RABBI LAUREN HOLTZBLATT


Bob Marovich’s Gospel Picks

Our gospel editor's picks include another stellar outing from PAUL THORN, the return of JENNIFER SHAW and a sweet collection of gospel violin from DANIEL D.