Salt of the Earth (1954)

In 1954 a group of blacklisted filmmakers made the first blacklisted film in American history, SALT OF THE EARTH. Centered on a strike by Mexican-American workers in New Mexico, it is ever more timely now.

SUNRISE – 1927

DEEP ROOTS THEATER: Now Playing--'Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans,' F.W. Murnau's silent classic from 1927, with extra added attraction 'Sinkin' n the Bathtub,' the first Looney Tunes cartoon, starring Bosko and Honey (1930).


99 RIVER STREET (1953)

99 RIVER STREET is a forgotten gem of the film noir genre. Directed by PHIL KARLSON and starring JOHN PAYNE and EVELYN KEYES, it foreshadows Raging Bull.

The Night of the Blood Beasts (1958)

Deep Roots Theater presents a cheesy 1958 sci-fi chiller, NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, from the brothers Corman. Selected short subject:; "Gertie the Dinosaur," the groundbreaking 1914 animated short from Winsor McCay.


ECSTASY (1933)

ECSTASY, the film that made teen Hedy Kiesler notorious before she was HEDY LAMARR and inventing cell phone technology, plus an essential 1933 cartoon, MICKEY'S GALA PREMIER

The Beach Girls and The Monster (1965)

A lost beach classic is headlining at Deep Roots Theater: THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER, with music by Frank Sinatra Jr. Also: Felix the Cat in 'April Maze' (1930)


No Down Payment (1957)

In 1957 director MARTIN RITT shattered the facade of bucolic suburban life in post-war America in his lost classic, NO DOWN PAYMENT. TONY RANDALL, JOANNE WOODWARD and PAT HINGLE lead an excellent cast. Plus two obscure Popeye-r...


In DEEP ROOTS THEATER: a charming holiday movie, BEYOND TOMORROW. Three elderly industrialists killed in an airplane crash return to earth as ghosts to help reunite a young couple whom they initially brought together. Plus: Pop...


Leave Her To Heaven (1945)

Directed by John M. Stahl with vivid cinematography by Leon Shamroy, LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN, a 1945 film noir entry, features beautiful GENE TIERNEY at her most captivating.


From Disney and director Don Bluth comes the 1978 animated gem, THE SMALL ONE, the simple, sweet story of an unnamed Judean boy has the unfortunate task of having to sell his best friend, a playful but petite donkey named Small...


ROCK, ROCK, ROCK! (1956)

ROCK, ROCK, ROCK! Yes, it has Cirino & the Bowties but it also has CHUCK BERRY, LAVERN BAKER, THE FLAMINGOS and other '50s greats, plus TEDDY RANDAZZO and, in her first film, 13-year-old TUESDAY WELD

LURED (1947)

LUCILLE BALL, GEORGE SANDERS, BORIS KARLOFF, GEORGE ZUCCO and CEDRIC HARDWICKE head a stellar ensemble cast in DOUGLAS SIRK's semi-comedic film noir gem from 1947.