Classical Perspectives: Richly Sophisticated

In life he was eclipsed by the shadow of his great pupil, Henry Purcell, and ensuing centuries have seen the 17th century composer JOHN BLOW nigh on to completely forgotten. Until this glorious moment.

Beauty, Ease and Contemplation in Equal Measure

Beautiful and moving, this recording of song cycles by JONATHAN DOVE, rendered with sensitivity and passion by MARY WHATELY, draws on poems by the likes of EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY.


‘Less Common is a Bach Album Like This’

CHRIS THILE, YO-YO MA and EDGAR MEYER honor the source yet bring a healthy non-classical pedigree to 17 Bach compositions on BACH TRIOS

Sounds To Silence The Din of Discord

Three JULIANA HALL-composed songs cycles--based on verses by Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Marianne Moore--are masterfully rendered on LOVE'S SIGNATURE.


The Mesmerizing World of Music in 16th Century Convents

The mysterious world of 16th century convent music comes alive in MUSICAL SECRETA's LUCREZIA BORGIA'S DAUGHTER, comprised of motets published anonymously in Venice in 1543.

Of Ethereal, Poised Beauty

Film composer Richard Harvey's disc of highly evocative choral music in superb performances from two Baltic choirs, the LATVIAN RADIO CHOIR and the ESTONIAN PHILHARMONIC CHAMBER CHOIR


Music of a Forgotten Master

On his new disc, DANIEL GRIMWOOD offers the piano works of ADOLF VON HENSELT, a forgotten master whose music 'breathes the same air as that of Chopin and Liszt,' says ROBERT HUGILL.

The ‘Circular Music’ of Pellingmans’ Saraband

On its new album, TWENTY WAIES UPON THE BELS, PELLINGMANS' SARABAND explores 'circular music' from the 16th and 17th centuries, including a tune with verses written by imprisoned Anne Boylen.


Seeking a Meaningful Acquaintance with Schubert

Classical contributor JOSEPH NEWSOME proclaims vocalist Philippe Sly and guitarist John Charles Britton's SCHUBERT SESSIONS: LEIDER WITH GUITAR, 2016's best lieder recording.

Dramatic, Innovative, Profoundly Moving

The first recording of JAMES MACMILLAN's examination of the events following Christ's crucifixion, SINCE IT WAS THE DAY OF PREPARATION, is a triumph.


Shakespeare, In Concept

CLARA SANABRAS has adapted SHAKESPEARE'S 'THE TEMPEST' into an operatic production and, now, a concept album with Britten Sinfonia and others. It's a beauty. ROBERT HUGILL reviews.

Aesthetically Unified as One Romantic Brotherhood

On RHEINMÄDCHEN, France's all-female vocal chorus ENSEMBLE PYGMALION, conducted by RAPHAEL PICHON, assays, with an invigorating twist, Wagner, Schubert, Schumann, Johannes Brahms and others.