Of Lute Duets and East Meets West, From Elizabethan England to Modern Japan

Two Lutes by Ronn McFarlance & William Simms, Magic Mirror by Marty Regan ‘…an air of warmth and accessibility…’ Casual pronouncements are made every so often that the lute songs of Elizabethan England were the ...

Heightening Prokofiev’s Inherent Eloquence

On PETER AND THE WOLF IN HOLLYWOOD, GIANTS ARE SMALL, with help from ALICE COOPER, offer a clever, charming prequel to SERGEI PROKOFIEV's beloved children's classic from 1936


Christopher O’Riley at the Top

CHRISTOPHER O'RILEY, host of NPR's popular 'From the Top,' offers his own bold takes on Liszt on his acclaimed new solo piano album, O'RILEY'S LISZT.

Of Ethereal, Poised Beauty

Film composer Richard Harvey's disc of highly evocative choral music in superb performances from two Baltic choirs, the LATVIAN RADIO CHOIR and the ESTONIAN PHILHARMONIC CHAMBER CHOIR


‘Less Common is a Bach Album Like This’

CHRIS THILE, YO-YO MA and EDGAR MEYER honor the source yet bring a healthy non-classical pedigree to 17 Bach compositions on BACH TRIOS

Fifty Shades Stokes Interest in Early Music–But for How Long?

In we attempt to answer the penetrating question: Will the current revival of interest in early music via Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album retain its tumescence even after the trilogy’s commercial fortunes have gone ...


Shakespeare’s Ophelia Finds a New Voice

SHAKESPEARE didn't give Hamlet's Ophelia near the complexity and substance HANS ABRAHAMSEN and BARBARA HANNIGAN bring to her character in LET ME TELL YOU.

A Search for Unity Within the Miraculous

Ireland's LOUTH CONTEMPORARY MUSIC SOCIETY has one of the year's most intriguing new releases in IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS, which mirrors George Gurdjieff's populist, pan-global approach to spiritual teaching.


The Mesmerizing World of Music in 16th Century Convents

The mysterious world of 16th century convent music comes alive in MUSICAL SECRETA's LUCREZIA BORGIA'S DAUGHTER, comprised of motets published anonymously in Venice in 1543.

Lara St. John and Friends Do Schubert Right

The talented eccentric, LARA ST. JOHN, is back with a group of formidable friends with a 'Schubertiade,' an exciting exploration of 15 tunes written by Schubert and scintillatingly rendered on disc.


Senza pedale ma con tanti colori

WITHOUT THE PEDAL BUT WITH PLENTY OF COLORS: in his self-penned essay the towering classical pianist András Schiff discusses the challenges and nuances of J.S. Bach's music poses for the contemporary musician.

Border Patrol

On AMERICANO Classical guitar giant PABLO VILLEGAS ranges from Venezuela to Mexico, from Paraguay to the Bayou, from Broadway to the rural South in celebrating the music of all the Americas.