A Search for Unity Within the Miraculous

Ireland's LOUTH CONTEMPORARY MUSIC SOCIETY has one of the year's most intriguing new releases in IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS, which mirrors George Gurdjieff's populist, pan-global approach to spiritual teaching.

The Mesmerizing World of Music in 16th Century Convents

The mysterious world of 16th century convent music comes alive in MUSICAL SECRETA's LUCREZIA BORGIA'S DAUGHTER, comprised of motets published anonymously in Venice in 1543.


Lara St. John and Friends Do Schubert Right

The talented eccentric, LARA ST. JOHN, is back with a group of formidable friends with a 'Schubertiade,' an exciting exploration of 15 tunes written by Schubert and scintillatingly rendered on disc.

Senza pedale ma con tanti colori

WITHOUT THE PEDAL BUT WITH PLENTY OF COLORS: in his self-penned essay the towering classical pianist András Schiff discusses the challenges and nuances of J.S. Bach's music poses for the contemporary musician.


Border Patrol

On AMERICANO Classical guitar giant PABLO VILLEGAS ranges from Venezuela to Mexico, from Paraguay to the Bayou, from Broadway to the rural South in celebrating the music of all the Americas.

Bach by Thile (Not Thile Does Bach)

It was inevitable: after flirting with Bach for his entire professional career, CHRIS THILE has released a solo album of the Baroque giant's Sonatas & Partitas. Reviewer CHRSITINE N. LAYTON hails it as a big winner.


Sounds To Silence The Din of Discord

Three JULIANA HALL-composed songs cycles--based on verses by Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Marianne Moore--are masterfully rendered on LOVE'S SIGNATURE.

A Dazzling French Connection

After dazzling the opera world on stage last year, Belgium's SONYA YONCHEVA is doing it on record, with her debut album, PARIS, MON AMOUR--a different sort of French connection. Also: TRIO MEDIAEVAL.


A Master Returns to Bach, With Glorious Results

András Schiff revisits The Well-Tempered Clavier with ‘grandeur, intimacy and wit’ As a young pianist, András Schiff earned wide esteem for his 1980s recordings of the major keyboard works of J.S. Bach; in recent years, a...

Beyond Arcady and Bethlehem

A must-hear event for choral music lovers: ONLY A SINGING BIRD by the NATIONAL GIRLS CHOIR of Scotland, with sensitively rendered songs by MICHAEL HEARD and others.


‘It Seethes Rather Than Boils’

On his new album, OVER LIGHT EARTH, Icelandic composer DANIEL BJARNASON mirrors the current climate--it seethes rather than boils and speaks to the mood of its time

Beauty, Ease and Contemplation in Equal Measure

Beautiful and moving, this recording of song cycles by JONATHAN DOVE, rendered with sensitivity and passion by MARY WHATELY, draws on poems by the likes of EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY.