A Fellow Romanian Remembers Dinu Lipatti

On Piano Music of Dinu Lipatti, one Romanian virtuoso, pianist LUIZA BORAC, pays tribute to another, the late DINU LIPATTI (1917-1950), in selections of his works performed on the composer's own favored Bechstein instrument.

Aesthetically Unified as One Romantic Brotherhood

On RHEINMÄDCHEN, France's all-female vocal chorus ENSEMBLE PYGMALION, conducted by RAPHAEL PICHON, assays, with an invigorating twist, Wagner, Schubert, Schumann, Johannes Brahms and others.


It’s Got That Swing…: Alexandre Tharaud’s Swinging Paris Le Boeuf Sur le Toit

Recalling the glory days in the 1920s of the famed Paris nightspot Le Boeuf Sur le Toit, French classical pianist Alexandre Tharaud offers a program of material you might have heard in the club when it was sizzling, ranging fro...

Music of a Forgotten Master

On his new disc, DANIEL GRIMWOOD offers the piano works of ADOLF VON HENSELT, a forgotten master whose music 'breathes the same air as that of Chopin and Liszt,' says ROBERT HUGILL.


Seeking a Meaningful Acquaintance with Schubert

Classical contributor JOSEPH NEWSOME proclaims vocalist Philippe Sly and guitarist John Charles Britton's SCHUBERT SESSIONS: LEIDER WITH GUITAR, 2016's best lieder recording.

‘Mission’ Possible: Cecilia Bartoli Rules the Classical Roost

With Mission, her acclaimed new album of Agostino Steffani songs, CECILIA BARTOLI is not only getting the best reviews of her distinguished career, but says she is 'going against the typical cliche of a diva, of being beautiful...


Shakespeare’s Ophelia Finds a New Voice

SHAKESPEARE didn't give Hamlet's Ophelia near the complexity and substance HANS ABRAHAMSEN and BARBARA HANNIGAN bring to her character in LET ME TELL YOU.

Senza pedale ma con tanti colori

WITHOUT THE PEDAL BUT WITH PLENTY OF COLORS: in his self-penned essay the towering classical pianist András Schiff discusses the challenges and nuances of J.S. Bach's music poses for the contemporary musician.


The Latinate Cello

On the enticing ALVORADO, OPHELIE GAILLARD, better known as a baroque and classical cellist, convincingly performs a wide variety of Spanish and Latin American music by Piazzolla, Jobim, Villa Lobos and other greats.

‘Please Enjoy This Album. Or Don’t! Whatever.’

Does classical music drive loiterers out of public places? Studies say so, and violinist GIL SHAHAM is counting on his music to further the burgeoning trend on MUSIC TO DRIVE LOITERERS AWAY. He hopes everyone enjoys the album. ...


Christopher O’Riley at the Top

CHRISTOPHER O'RILEY, host of NPR's popular 'From the Top,' offers his own bold takes on Liszt on his acclaimed new solo piano album, O'RILEY'S LISZT.

Feeling Nature’s Rhythms, Mystery and Spiritual Beauty

So Scottish composer/pianist ALEXANDER CHAPMAN CAMPBELL went for a long walk through Norway and lo! A beautiful album materialized...