A Visit with Matthew Cordell to Talk About What is Still My Favorite Picture Book of the Year

An interview with Matthew Cordell, author/illustrator of our kids' lit blogger Jules's favorite book of the year, hello! hello!
by David McGee


Waterloo & Trafalgar: A Thought Provoking Story of War and Peace

An advance look at Olivier Tallec's new book, Waterloo & Trafalgar, 'a story told in only blue, orange and black,' another masterful example of the author's exceptional skills with visual storytelling.
by David McGee


christian robinson

A Late-Night Breakfast with Christian Robinson

Get out the veggies, eggs, and coffee mugs. Illustrator Christian Robinson is visiting for a late-night breakfast. (Why not? Breakfast for dinner! I say.) Given that he’s a vegetarian-though he admits he kinda misses his ...
by David McGee