The Old Guard Hated the Rock But Loved the Bankroll (Field Notes From a Music Biz Life, Part 4)

In Part 4 of his autobiography, MICHAEL SIGMAN explains why the old guard post-war pop songwriters 'hated the rock but loved the bankroll'

A Gathering of Voices, in Celebration and Covenant

Continuing a journey embarked upon three albums ago, MOIRA SMILEY & VOCO and The Choir of YOU bring voices, instruments and a gumbo of American and Eastern European folk music together on LAUGHTER OUT OF TEARS.


How To Have Fun With a Serious Song (Field Notes from a Music Biz Life, Part 3)

In this installment of his autobiography, MICHAEL SIGMAN recounts some amusing incidents following in the wake of his father CARL SIGMAN's now-classic hit song 'EBB TIDE.' JERRY COLONNA makes an appearance.

‘Star Spangled Banner’ @200: Five Noteworthy Classical Versions

Marking the 200th birthday of the 'STAR SPANGLED BANNER,' we present five notable classical versions and debunk the urban myth about STRAVINSKY being arrested for defaming the anthem.


At the Intersection of Abbey Road and Tin Pan Alley (Field Notes From a Music Biz Life, Part 3)

In Part 3 of his autobiography,, MICHAEL SIGMAN recalls how his father Carl's song 'Ebb Tide,' which was the #1 hit in America in 1953, brought father and son closer when the RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS recorded it in 1965.

Field Notes From a Music Biz Life (Part 2)

In Part 2 of his autobiography, MICHAEL SIGMAN recalls the 'extraordinary collection of minds, heart and ears' that gathered for Saturday night festivities at the Sigman household.


Video Moments for the Ages

A few memorable moments courtesy JERRY REED and STEVE GOODMAN, gone but hardly forgotten

Sorrow and Suicide

'Robin Williams's death has really stirred up a lot of stuff for me. Big time.' TONY CAPUTI reflects on his personal travails and gives thanks for the healing gifts a comic genius left us to savor.


Field Notes from a Music Biz Life (Part 1)

'No Brill Building, no me.' So begins Chapter 1 of MICHAEL SIGMAN's autobiography, FIELD NOTES FROM A MUSIC BIZ LIFE, previewed in serial form in Deep Roots.

Video Moment for the Ages

From The Beatles VEVO channel, a cool video set to the Fab Four's Live at the BBC version of Buddy Holly's 'Words of Love,' complete with a Buddy cameo.


Turning 65 with ‘Crazy’

As his 65th birthday looms, contributing editor MICHAEL SIGMAN reflects on a classic song his father, CARL SIGMAN, wrote in 1949, 'Crazy He Calls Me.' It, like Michael, has led a charmed life.

Jesse Winchester: Talk Memphis

JESSE WINCHESTER Tribute, Part 2: a Jesse monologue, his most extensive comments on his years in and abiding love for Memphis--'It was the world to me'--from an interview with Crossroads to Freedom.