A Fellow Romanian Remembers Dinu Lipatti

On Piano Music of Dinu Lipatti, one Romanian virtuoso, pianist LUIZA BORAC, pays tribute to another, the late DINU LIPATTI (1917-1950), in selections of his works performed on the composer's own favored Bechstein instrument.

Ghost Forest

RON HUNTER, founder/editor of Nature Writing.com, recently found a much different scene than he had anticipated when he encountered 'a self-healing natural cycle in the red fir-lodgepole pine forests of the Sierra Nevada.'


Saturn’s Titan Moon Gets a Dune ‘Makeover’

The craters of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, are being erased as they're filled with dunes of exotic hydrocarbon sand, complicating efforts to estimate the age of the planet's surface.

What’s A Dog For?: John Homan’s Ambitious Journey Through The Canine World

In the new Talking Animals installment, Duncan Strauss chats with JOHN HOMANS, executive editor of New York Magazine and author of the fascinating 'What's a Dog For? The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy and Politics of M...


Our Shrinking Woods

In his essay 'Our Shrinking Woods,' guest columnist GREG KIELBACK considers how 'industrialized corporate farming techniques have altered the structure of agriculture and therefore our communities.'

Southern Strategy: Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino Brings the Music and Culture of Italy’s ‘Heel’ to the World at Large

Southern Strategy: Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino is making waves bringing an updated version of the traditional pizzica music and the culture of Italy's 'heel'--Salento-to the world at large.


‘Unaccountably Odd’

'Unaccountably Odd': a musical and sexual adventurer, possibly a racist, and a composer ahead of his time, PERCY GRAINGER led a most unusual life, and now lives on in a new album by the BILDER DUO. A reconsideration is in order.

The Night of the Blood Beasts (1958)

Deep Roots Theater presents a cheesy 1958 sci-fi chiller, NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, from the brothers Corman. Selected short subject:; "Gertie the Dinosaur," the groundbreaking 1914 animated short from Winsor McCay.


Gabriella Barouch’s Art of Digital Illustration

Up-and-coming Israeli artist-illustrtor GABRIELLA BAROUCH was last year's 'Artist of the Season' for the Jerusalem Season of Culture. It's one of many honors she's racked up for her all-digital (even sketches) artwork.

The Strange Adventures and Alluring Music of Alessandro Stradella

An exhaustive appreciation of Alessandro Stradella, one of the most enigmatic, colorful and gifted composers of the 17th Century, from whom Handel borrowed for Israel in Egypt and whose amorous inclinations led to his assassina...


Winter in Verse

Shakespeare, Keats, Robert Burns, Thomas Campion and Robert Frost reflect on the modds of winter. Plus seasonal-oriented cartoons starring Mickey Mouse and friends and Woody Woodpecker. Bing Crosby makes an appearance too.

The Wonders of the Beggar’s Kingdom

With its 2012 album, The Wonders of the Beggar’s Kingdom, Lithuania's Sutaras went beyond cheery celebrations of its native land’s music and culture and addressed the reality of the outside world where most live in 'uncerta...