• The Pelican Warning
    DUNCAN STRAUSS checks in with another scoop: an interview with DUNCAN P. FORGEY, author of FLYIN' KAI: A PELICAN'S TALE complete with a warning about climate change.
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You Can’t Do That? You Can Do That.

Jazz improvisation meets Lennon-McCartney in tasty fashion on LOREN DANIELS's TICKET TO RIDE.
by David McGee


The Emotional Lives of Wolves

From High Country News, a review of 'Wolf whisperer' RICK MCINTYRE's third in a series of novels centered on the emotional lives of the Yellowstone alpha wolves,
by David McGee



Jennie Ross Cobb: Indian Territory Trailblazer

Remembering JENNIE ROSS COBB, the first-known Native American female photographer, who put her subjects at ease for uniquely candid images from early 1900s Indian Territory.
by David McGee


Where Grief and Anger Share Space

This new disc from Toccata Classics features chamber music by the young composer Noah Max and exudes, as one critic notes, 'a sense of loss pervading almost everything here.' Yet, it's not a downer.
by David McGee



Always More Love to Be Had

The TWANGTOWN PARAMOURS are back with their third album, DOUBLE DOWN ON A BAD THING, with well-wrought songs, sparkling musicianship, affecting vocals and a deeper exploration of the nuances of relationships. It ain't over 'til...
by David McGee


Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot

With more than one million views at present, this video of CARL SAGAN's eloquent, poetic meditation on 'the only home we've ever known' is even more timely and important than it was when published in 1994. To say it speaks for ...
by David McGee



Updike at Easter, 2022 Edition

Our 11th annual installment of 'Seven Voices on Seven Stanzas' brings together new voices and those of earlier contributors to contemplate the greater meaning of John Updike's provocative poem, 'Seven Stanzas at Easter.'
by David McGee


In Heavy Rotation: Roots & Blues

Rounding up a quartet of must-hear recent releases: NORMAN BLAKE, Day by Day; MARK O'CONNOR, Markology II; MIKE ZITO, Resurrection; and TIFFANY POLLACK, Bayou Liberty.
by David McGee



Monoswezi: Experimentation is The Order of The Day

Shanu quite simply means “Five” in the Shona language of Zimbabwe, home to MONOSWEZI's lead vocalist and mbira player HOPE MASIKE. This, their fifth album, is the most adventurous to date from the lineup representing four n...
by David McGee


The Marovich Gospel Picks

JAVON JACKSON's THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO NIKKI GIOVANNI leads BOB MAROVICH'S new Gospel picks in its new expanded edition now featuring Bob's latest Gospel Singles Picks. Everybody say 'Amen!'
by David McGee