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    It's back! The Deep Roots 2022 Yuletide Baedeker is updated and ready for prime time.
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Spanning the Global Yuletide Season in Style

An a cappella seasonal classic, ARSYS BOURGOGNE's 2012 Yuletide offering features Yuletide favorites from across the globe, sacred and secular, sung in seven different languages, all beautifully capturing the spirit of Christma...
by David McGee


Making A Great Miracle, From Scraps and Memories

In a Deep Roots exclusive, JEREMIAH LOCKWOOD reveals the backstory of his captivating new solo guitar album, A GREAT MIRACLE, subtitled Jeremiah Lockwood’s Guitar Soli Chanukah Record.
by David McGee



The Deep Roots Yuletide Baedeker 2021

The one, the only, the Deep Roots Yuletide Baedeker for 2022 is hot off the presses. Your guide to everything vital to nourish the spirit during the holiday season--our Christmas best to you!
by David McGee


Christmas 1974: Santa (USPS) Brings the 1st Self-Adhesive Stamp

Those self-adhesive stamps we so love? Christmas 1974 brought the first of what were then considered experimental issues, featuring the Dove of Peace weathervane from George Washington's Mount Vernon home. Much trial-and-error ...
by David McGee



The First Christmas Stamps

It may seem like Christmas stamps have been around pretty much forever in some form, but in fact the U.S. did not issue a Yuletide stamp until 1962. Canada, in 1889, beat everyone to the punch with its Queen Victoria-approved C...
by David McGee


‘You’ll Go Down In History’—And How

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen… But do you know the real-life tragedy that spurred Robert May to write a poem for his four-year-old daughter that became a cultural and multimedia phenomenon? Rudolph takes fl...
by David McGee



In All Weathers, Glad Tidings

The Persuasions were just not any group of a cappella practitioners--they were the best, solid in every way, with lead singer Jerry Lawson standing out as one of the great singers of his time. The group's Christmas album, like...
by David McGee


Suffused With Beauty

Nancy Lamott and beauty were on intimate terms. It radiated from her warm personality, resonated in her tender vocals, and suffused the recordings she made before succumbing to cancer in 1995 at age 43. Her lone Christmas albu...
by David McGee



Tales of Two Carols

Origin stories: 'In the Bleak Midwinter' and 'Angels We Have Heard on High'
by David McGee


Hag Saw It All Coming

Originally issued on Capitol in 1973 as Merle Haggard's Christmas Present: Something Old, Something New, Merle Haggard's Christmas album has only 10 cuts, but all have a special--and many a prescient--feeling about them. Hag sa...
by David McGee