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Monoswezi: Experimentation is The Order of The Day

Shanu quite simply means “Five” in the Shona language of Zimbabwe, home to MONOSWEZI's lead vocalist and mbira player HOPE MASIKE. This, their fifth album, is the most adventurous to date from the lineup representing four n...
by David McGee


The Marovich Gospel Picks

JAVON JACKSON's THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO NIKKI GIOVANNI leads BOB MAROVICH'S new Gospel picks in its new expanded edition now featuring Bob's latest Gospel Singles Picks. Everybody say 'Amen!'
by David McGee



The Hard Road to Compassion and Inclusion in an Alien World

JULES spotlights two important new books for young readers: SANCTUARY: KIP TIERNAN AND ROSIE'S PLACE, THE NATION'S FIRST SHELTER FOR WOMEN and Young Vo's GIBBERISH, in which a young boy navigates a new language in a new land.
by David McGee


Evoking Afternoons in 17th Century Hereford

Composer Matthew Locke was born 400 years ago this year, and to mark this occasion the British viol consort FRETWORK are marking the happy occasion with an album featuring seven of Locke's suites that have hitherto barely made ...
by David McGee



Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing

Herein a dozen smokey, sensuous and often ambivalent discourses on love and passion delivered with the breathy tenderness and sublime understatement of someone defining love not as a many-splendored thing, but rather as a many-...
by David McGee


Helping Animals That Can’t Help Themselves

JULIE CASTLE, accidental employee turned CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, is spearheading a national movement to to persuade animal shelters to become no-kill by 2025. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the inside story.
by David McGee



To Dream Like an Angel

The year of our Lord 2021 has been awaiting its masterpiece of a Christmas album, and finally it has arrived in the form of La Chapelle de Quebec’s stunning The Road to Christmas.
by David McGee


Holiday Music Stocking Stuffers for 2021

A trio of delightful musical interludes for the holidays courtesy The TWANGTOWN PARAMOURS, NINETEEN HAND HORSE and TAYLOR RAE. We need a little Christmas, right this very minute.
by David McGee



Home is Where the Heart Is

On HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, vocalist JAN DALEY offers a little something for all tastes here, ranging from an opportunity to luxuriate in seasonal romance even as the program gently reminds listeners of why we’re here in the firs...
by David McGee


Where the Old Christmas Lives, and Breathes…

Timeless sacred and secular Christmas music, largely from the 16th and 17th centuries, by composers such as Michael Praetorius, impeccably performed on period instruments and with sensitive vocalizing by THE YORK WAITS. A lost ...
by David McGee