Gospel News & Notes – September 2012

Remembering recently departed gospel notables Willa Ward-Royster of the Ward Singers, Gladys Beamon Gregory and Andre Lester Mobley; plus Trin-I-Tee 5:7 and Music World have parted ways.

The Cowboy Rides Away

It is the misfortune of Lloyd Estel Copas to be better remembered for how and with whom he died than for the wonderful music he made as Cowboy Copas, in which guise he was a dominant presence on the country charts from 1946 to ...


Bob Marovich’s Gospel Picks – September 2012

Reviews of 10 worthy new gospel releases including albums by Yvonne Marie, J Moss, Chrystal Rucker, KJ Scriven, NU DNA, Terrell Taylor, Jennifer Mekel and Friends, Wincey, CD Porter, and Pastor Marvin L. Winans.

A Hoot For The Age

The hootenanny lives! Banjo master/educator Bill Evans’s In Good Company has that feel of an informal gathering of musicians playing exactly what they want to play, complementing each other to a T and having a great time doin...


Jammin’ On the High Seas

Originally given away free as a collectible to patrons of the annual Rhythm & Blues Cruise , Robert Mugge’s hour-and-a-half documentary offers an in-depth look at the fabled after-hours jams sessions aboard ship, when...

VaShawn Mitchell Knows What He Was ‘Created 4’

By Bob Marovich One of gospel’s “triple threats,” VaShawn Mitchell could barely contain his excitement during a phone interview about his new album, Created 4 This, his fourth long player. Mitchell developed C...


Doubtful Lake

NATURES TEMPLE: One of the great women of 20th Century American letters chronicles her extraordinary hike in 1918 from Doubtful Lake to the Cascade Mountains. From her book Tenting To-Night.

Here Comes the Sun

“As fast as we roll, we’re always catching up/as much as we have, it’ll never be enough/as hard/as hard as we work, we just work our fingers to the bone/what do we have to show?” Listening to this catchy chorus of the f...


Charles Dickens & Music

The latest installment of James T. Lightwood’s 1912 study, Charles Dickens And Music with Chapter VI: Songs and Some Singers. Continuing our year-long bicentennial salute to the great author.

On Saving Mortal Souls

“Having not played in this style in the past is a huge disadvantage, but I am willing to stretch and fight to get it under control. Those pesky chords! Those finger positions, those slides, those finger-thumb rolls, those cou...