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Sustainable Agriculture newswire: 'Ag of the Middle' is polarizing production; on the edge of Phoenix, a small-scale farmer, MAYA DAILEY, is spurring a local food movement; in Minnesota, an expanding program is providing childc...

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Organic seeds with your coffee? The ancient Pongamia Tree as a biofuel feed solution? A New Britain, CT, farm seeks to improve a neightborhood with sustainable urban agriculture? Read about it here.


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COCA-COLA has installed its 1 mllionth HFC-free cooler; BOEING and its research partners are harvesting biofuel from desert plants; Aquaponics & Earth is doing good deeds in Mexico.

NASA Study Finds Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf Nearing Its Final Act

'Bad news for the planet': A NASA study has found that the last remaining section of Antarctica's Larsen B ice shelf is likely to be gone by decade's end.


Sustainable Agriculture News: Urban Farming Taking Hold

BALTIMORE, CHICAGO and NASHVILLE are embracing urban farming in a big way, and out in California, the UC Riverside 'Grow Riverside' Conference is trying to encourage the movement in the Golden State.

New Frontiers in Sustainable Agriculture

Urban farms in Vancouver, BC, and Encintas, CA, are doing great things for their communities and for local growers. Plus, 10 urban female farmers planting seeds of change.


Farming Change Agent Larry Jacobs Shares Vision on Sustainable and Organic Ag, Part 1

An interview with sustainable agriculture pioneer LARRY JACOBS, plus a NASA study provides new evidence of global warming's impact on global rainfall.

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NEWSWIRE: aggregate news of sustainable agriculture, alternative energy and climate issues


Sustainable Agriculture News

CHIPOTLE expands market for naturally raised meats; new insights into honeybee colony collapse; managing water in California; high-res global cropland maps

Sustainable Agriculture News

Report: Missouri has a serious food insecurity problem; Oregonian TARA WHITSETT is preaching the gospel of 'empowerment and preservation through fermentation.'


National Park Service Adopts New Healthy Food Standards; Online Organic Grocer Expands to Nine States

The NATIONAL PARK SERVICE issues new guidelines for \National Parks to offer visitors healthier, and local, choices in food; online grocer Door to Door Organics expands to nine states.

Sustainable Agriculture News

The USDA is giving $35 million in funding to local and regional food systems, including farmers markets, but can farmers, especially small ones, make enough at those markets to make them worth their while?