Feeling the Spirit, Orcas Circle Ferry as It Carries Native Artifacts to Ancestral Home

When a ferry showed up in Puget Sound carrying Native artifacts to the Burke Museum in Seattle, nearly three dozen orcas escorted it safely to the terminal. Coincidence, or feeling the spirit?

The Kiowas’ Sacred Longhorn Mountain Under Siege in Oklahoma

In southwest Oklahoma the LONGHORN MOUNTAIN, sacred site to the Kiowa people, is in jeopardy of being turned to rubble by a gravel mining operation. Mining has stalled but the threat remains.


Wounded Knee Update: Auction Set for Oct. 1

An update on the fate of WOUNDED KNEE, plus an unforgettable letter to the editor in response to Jim Czywczysnki's attempt to sell the land. Also: the Yin and Yang of wind farms

For Sale: Wounded Knee; Johnny Depp, Grandstander; Chief Red Cloud, 93, Walks On

WOUNDED KNEE for sale? JOHNNY DEPP grandstands about buying it and returning it to the Tribe, but it's only noise; remembering CHIEF OLIVER RED CLOUD