‘Footlights,’ Chaplin Novella, Discovered, Restored, Seeking Publisher

FOOTLIGHTS, the only work of prose fiction ever written by CHARLIE CHAPLIN, has been pieced together from handwritten notes, typed scripts and vignettes and now seeks a publisher. Any takers out there?

I Meet Thomas Burke and H.G. Wells

In his 1922 travel memoir My Trip Abroad, CHARLIE CHAPLIN recalls his nerve wracking introduction to author THOMAS BURKE and a more sublime encounter with H.G. WELLS.


The Haunts of My Childhood

In 1922, fresh off the triumph of 1921's 'The Kid,' CHARLIE CHAPLIN returned to Europe for the first time in seven years. A poignant excerpt from his book MY TRIP ABROAD finds him back to the neighborhood haunts of his youth.

Chaplin on Music

Beginning with 1923's 'A Woman of Paris,' CHARLIE CHAPLIN was involving himself closely in the musical accompaniment for his films, and eventually took full control in order to 'compose elegant and romantic music to frame my co...


Chaplin As a Composer

Skepticism greeted the credit 'Music Composed by Charlie Chaplin' on a CITY LIGHTS title card. Attitudes changed as subsequent films showed the flowering of a 'Chaplinesque' style.

Chaplin’s Masterpiece: ‘The Gold Rush’

About the making of THE GOLD RUSH, the film for which CHARLIE CHAPLIN said he most wanted to be remembered. The final installment of our 125th birthday anniversary celebration


Charlie Chaplin on Filmmaking

'Simplicity of approach is always best': So says CHARLIE CHAPLIN in an excerpt from his autobiography in which he offers his thoughts on the art of filmmaking

‘Isn’t That a Lovely Thing?’

From his 1960 book MY FATHER, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, JR. remembers his father's 'ruthless determination for perfection' and its effect on the family when Chaplin pere was writing 'MODERN TIMES'