• The Pelican Warning
    DUNCAN STRAUSS checks in with another scoop: an interview with DUNCAN P. FORGEY, author of FLYIN' KAI: A PELICAN'S TALE complete with a warning about climate change.
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More Than Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees

TOM MASON's third Yuletide album, UNDER A MISTLETOE SKY, offers a fine option with which to make Christmas merry and bright, in a year when we really need it to be so…
by David McGee


Updike at Easter: Seven Voices on ‘Seven Stanzas’ (2019 Edition)

SEVEN VOICES ON 'SEVEN STANZAS AT EASTER': The 2019 edition of our regular Easter feature, spotlighting a septet of opinions--not all affirmative--on Updike's famous poem
by David McGee



The Edge of Winter

The Edge of Winter: Welcoming a new season in Yellowstone.
by David McGee


‘I Try To Write a Terrific Song’
Hal David: In His Own Words

Saluting the magnificent artistry of the late HAL DAVID, who, with and apart from Burt Bacharach, spoke volumes about the human condition in his captivating, unforgettable lyrics—truly a voice for all time.
by David McGee



Remembering Private Snafu

A true historical obscurity, PRIVATE SNAFU was the title character in a series of animated instructional shorts filmed for and shown only to WWII soldiers to instruct them in security, personal hygiene and other issues.
by David McGee


Hello, Dolly: The ‘Different Dynamic’ of Jermaine Dolly

Giving new meaning to the salutation 'Hello, Dolly!,' rising gospel star JERMAINE DOLLY talks to BOB MAROVICH about his sudden ascendancy and long-term goals.
by David McGee



The Haunts of My Childhood

In 1922, fresh off the triumph of 1921's 'The Kid,' CHARLIE CHAPLIN returned to Europe for the first time in seven years. A poignant excerpt from his book MY TRIP ABROAD finds him back to the neighborhood haunts of his youth.
by David McGee


‘I Miss My Baby’ – Christine Santelli

Christine Santelli's Video of the Month is an acoustic version of her aching 'I Miss My Baby.' Ms. Santelli's Dragonfly CD was a 2012 Album of the Year honoree at Deep Roots.
by David McGee



The Charmed Third Moment of Stardom

Appraising a long-overdue retrospective of towering Cuban singer ABELARDO BAROSSO and 14 essential recordings he made with ORQUESTA SENSACION
by David McGee


Young Mozart, Poised to Beguile Georgian Society

When eight-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrived in London in 1764, he was, according to JOSEPH NEWSOME, 'poised to beguile the music-loving denizens of Georgian society.' A new album, MOZART IN LONDON, captures that moment.
by David McGee