• And Magic Slim Says ‘Well Done’
    JOHN PRIMER is on fire in paying tribute to hid former boss, Magic Slim, with the surviving Teardrops and Slim's son, SHAWN HOLT, on the blues giant's latest outing.
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You Got the Silver, Sandy

BIG SANDY and HIS FLY-RITE BOYS are celebrating a silver anniversary this year with a new album of reworked gems from the band's 25-year recording history. It's really good stuff.
by David McGee


‘I Know I Was Meant To Do This’

Young WARREN DEAN FLANDEZ is one of the young artists most responsible for Canada's robust gospel music scene. BOB MAROVICH has an exclusive interview to offer.
by David McGee



Herb, Herby, Herbert. Daddy.

LIterate, witty, loving, insightful: a daughter remembers her unique father on the occasion of the centennial of his birth.
by David McGee


How To Have Fun With a Serious Song (Field Notes from a Music Biz Life, Part 3)

In this installment of his autobiography, MICHAEL SIGMAN recounts some amusing incidents following in the wake of his father CARL SIGMAN's now-classic hit song 'EBB TIDE.' JERRY COLONNA makes an appearance.
by David McGee



‘Grass Is the Forgiveness of Nature—Her Constant Benediction’

In 1872 Kansas Sen. JOHN JAMES INGALLS, one of the U.S. Senate's most eloquent voices, praised the vitality of the tallgrass prairie in IN PRAISE OF BLUEGRASS--and he wasn't talking music.
by David McGee


Let Us Now Praise Infamous Men

The pen and musicianship of the legendary JOHN MENDLESSOHN have brought us ISAMBARD JONES & HIS ORCHESTRA, wherein the absurdist meets the British Music Hall.
by David McGee



Hailing An American Treasure

From TheBluegrassSpecial.com's December 2010 issue, Chip Stern's insightful, impassioned missive concerning the life and music of Dave Brubeck on the occasion of the master's impending 90th birthday.
by David McGee


With a Swagger and A Wink

CHRIS LEIGH wouldn’t be the first hard-core country artist to attribute a burst of inspiration to a wrecked marriage but he may be the latest. His impressive, bare-knuckled debut, Broken Hearted Friends, tells the tale.
by David McGee



Updike at Easter, 2021

Updated for Year II of the pandemic, 'Seven Voices on Seven Stanzas' presents a septet of viewpoints on the meaning and import of JOHN UPDIKE's provocative poem, 'Seven Stanzas at Easter.' Featuring Easter-themed videos by DOLL...
by David McGee



On IMPRINT, her first solo release since 1998, TERRE ROCHE offers songs quirky, funny, warm and tender. In true Roches fashion, larger truths are revealed between the lines and in odd phrasings.
by David McGee