• The Pelican Warning
    DUNCAN STRAUSS checks in with another scoop: an interview with DUNCAN P. FORGEY, author of FLYIN' KAI: A PELICAN'S TALE complete with a warning about climate change.
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Journey To the Healing Moment

Bluegrass singer-songwriter DONNA ULISSE maintains the glide in her stride with another strong album, HARD CRY MOON
by David McGee


Video Moment for the Ages

In 'When a Soldier Makes It Home' ARLO GUTHRIE reminds us of meaningful matters, and our editor remembers his friends who served their country honorably.
by David McGee



Beautiful Restraint

POESIA by JOYCE MORENO & KENNY WERNER, and MÉLANGE by KARIN & MIKE KELLEHER are cross-cultural explorations that demonstrate the power of the less-is-more approach
by David McGee


Fanning the Flames of Whitman’s ‘Subtle Electric Fire’

Enlisting the support of some 64 musicians and choir/session singers, GARRY DIAL and DICK OATTS have delivered a stirring, jazz-oriented musical interpretation of Walt Whitman poems.
by David McGee



Quoth the Bard…

AL BASILE, one of contemporary music's most literate artists, reaches new heights of eloquence and musicality on B'S EXPRESSION, with production, for the 12th time, by DUKE ROBILLARD.
by David McGee


Sustainable Agriculture News

The USDA is giving $35 million in funding to local and regional food systems, including farmers markets, but can farmers, especially small ones, make enough at those markets to make them worth their while?
by David McGee




WILLIAM DIETERLE directs this fine early '50s film noir starring WILLIAM HOLDEN, EDMOND O'BRIEN, ED BEGLEY and ALEXIS SMITH and L.A.'s Bunker Hill section. SHORT SUBJECT: DISNEY's 'TRICK OR TREAT.'
by David McGee


Of the Earth and In the Spirit

Stepping away from the JOHN FOGERTY camp, master of the keys BOB MALONE offers MOJO DELUXE, a solo effort infused with gospel, soul and rock 'n' roll stylings and soul searching lyrics.
by David McGee



Genesis of a Gospel Song: ‘Total Praise’

In his new series GENESIS OF A GOSPEL SONG, gospel editor BOB MAROVICH gets the inside story from RICHARD SMALLWOOD on how the latter wrote 'Total Praise,' one of the greatest contemporary gospel songs.
by David McGee


Bob Marovich’s Gospel Picks

A splendid septet of new gospel CDs reviewed by BOB MAROVICH, including new outpourings from JONATHAN MCREYNOLDS, KIM BURRELL, ALEXIS SPIGHT, EAGLE ROCK GOSPEL SINGERS, KEVIN RILEY, ZAVIEL JANAE.
by David McGee