Ruminating About Sandy

If you've ever lived through a catastrophe in which you lost everything (in my case, a house I lived in burned to the ground and I walked away with only my cat and the coat on my back-and the coat was stolen the next day!) you ...

Hep Cats

Since making their recording debut in 1999, North Carolina’s Grass Cats have become accustomed to their albums residing in the top 10 of bluegrass charts; with their newest, The Mountains My Baby And Me, they may well find th...


From a Master, A Master Class in Blues

There was a missing link in Louisiana Red’s recording odyssey, and it has been revealed on a new release from Labor Records, When My Mama Was Living, recorded in the early '70s in upstate New York and now seeing the light of ...

The Truth of the Blues, Simple and Direct

Two veterans aging gracefully in the blues field get together with their voices, their instruments and a general aim to honor the late, great piano master Pinetop Perkins, and proceed to make a thoroughly delightful album of ea...


Cool Blues. Really Cool Blues.

In Blues in Other Colors,, blues pianist David Maxwell has hit a high note in a most distinguished career.

Chuck Yeager Struts The Right Stuff At 89

This week, 89-year-old nonpareil badass Gen. Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, recreated his historic achievement of Oct. 14, 1947 on that very day in 2012. The right stuff indeed.


News & Notes takes issues with Mitt Romney's 'women in binders'; Lee Roy honored by ICM for inspirational song; John Fogerty rocks Canada, returns to studio to complete new album

Life And Life Only

A little bit Montgomery Gentry, a little bit Trace Adkins, but ultimately only themselves, the fellows who comprise the hard hitting country band LiveWire come on strong in their debut album, Livin'.


It’s Been a Blue, Blue Day

Squirrel Nut Zippers founder Jimbo Mathus's six-song EP Blue Light is the perfect stage-setter for his forthcoming full-length album, slated for release in early 2013.

Loud and Proud

Janis Martin had a brief moment in the sun in the mid--'50s as a pioneering female rock ''n' roll artist billed as 'The Female Elvis.' In 2006 Rosie Flores took Martin back into the studio and produced the terrific Blanco Sessi...