An ’Old Church’ Remembrance, Righteous and Rousing

BOB MAROVICH uncovers a five-star gospel gem in the new CD, A TRIBUTE TO SUNDAY MORNING GOSPEL, VOLUME 1, PART 1 featuring BISHOP J.D. MEANS SR.

Poverty and Child Labor in 28 pages

in I LIKE, I DON'T LIKE, author ANNA BACCELLIERE, with illustrators ALE+ALE, offers young readers a thought provoking look at how child labor destroys childhood.


The Cat’s Pajamas of Social Media

If you’re contemplating raising your kids without any pets in the home, you should know that one could turn out to be a man who raps about cats.

Sounds To Silence The Din of Discord

Three JULIANA HALL-composed songs cycles--based on verses by Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Marianne Moore--are masterfully rendered on LOVE'S SIGNATURE.


Turn The World Around

The 'west' of MARTY STUART AND HIS SUPERLATIVES' provocative WAY OUT WEST is as much metaphysical as geographical, despite nods to the likes of Dick Dale...

The Mesmerizing World of Music in 16th Century Convents

The mysterious world of 16th century convent music comes alive in MUSICAL SECRETA's LUCREZIA BORGIA'S DAUGHTER, comprised of motets published anonymously in Venice in 1543.


Special Delivery

A loving and long overdue tribute to the great SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE MCGHEE by Ambassador of the Blues GUY DAVIS and his producer-harmonica ace FABRIZIO POGGI. All aboard!

The Heroic and Visionary Women of Passover

' Passover, we must tell the stories of the women who played a crucial role in the Exodus narrative.' JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBERG and RABBI LAUREN HOLTBLATT offer an important perspective.


Right Where You Need To Be

On TURN TO JESUS, the newly minted DAVE ADKINS TRIO explains what it means to be known by God, to be held in God's gaze, to be 'right where you need to be.'

Bob Marovich’s Gospel Picks

Australia's legendary gospel singer JUDY JACQUES is the subject of a long-overdue retrospective, as is the towering American gospel artist EDNA GALLMON COOKE. Plus other new releases.