Over There: When Americana Doesn’t Mean American

A Deep Roots Exclusive from John E. Simpson: an investigation into what makes Americana Americana when the artists performing it aren't American.

Video Moment for the Ages

From January 21, 1965, LESLEY GORE with a knockout performance of the Jeff Barry-Ellie Greenwich tune 'The Look of Love' and Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'Hello Young Lovers.'


Expressing the Power and Beauty of Difference

A powerful commentary on migration, refugees and human rights, the multicultural RAFIKI JAZZ's third album, HAR DAM SAHARA, speaks eloquently to our time.

Make That ‘Loving Tribute’

Honoring important people in his life and career, ace jazz guitarist LARRY NEWCOMB adds BUCKY PIZZARELLI to his Quartet and delivers on LIVING TRIBUTE


Christian Robinson: A Child’s Eye-View of Birthdays

A pre-publication look at WHERE'S MY BIRTHDAY, by poet JULIE FOGLIANO with illustrations by CHRISTIAN ROBINSON. This picture bookcelebrates the thrill children get when anticipating a birthday and all that comes with it.

Love in The Medici Court

From fragments of the earliest known operas as performed at the Medici court in Florence, Italy, RAPHAEL PICHON has assembled a fresh, passionate whole--a celebration of love--in the two-CD set, STRAVAGANZA D'AMORE.


Joseph FireCrow Jr. Walks On

Remembering JOSEPH FIRECROW, cultural ambassador and GRAMMY winning Northern Cheyenne flute player, who walked on at age 58.

To Do More, To Be More

After a near-20-year absence, LITTLE STEVEN has returned with a new solo album, SOULFIRE. Rock 'n' soul don't get any better than this. All others are pretenders to the throne.


Fique Quieto Meu Coração (or, Be Still My Heart)

On her second full album, VENTO DO NORTE, Rio native (now L.A. resident) BIANCA ROSSINI offers Bossa Nova and fresh takes on the mystery and glory of love.

‘So Keith Richards Says to Me…’

On the advice of KEITH RICHARDS, KEVIN FITZGERALD transformed himself from Stones bouncer to superstar veterinarian. And standup comic. True that.