‘Snoop, Let’s Take ’em To Church!’

SNOOP DOGG promised his new label would offer opportunities for gospel artists, and he delivers, mightily, on that promise on SNOOP DOGG PRESENTS BIBLE OF LOVE

Dragstrip Riot (1958)

Teenagers gone wild! From 1958, Deep Roots Theater presents DRAGSTRIP RIOT. Featuring generational clashes, mayhem and a kind of rock 'n' roll, with FAY WRAY as the mother, CONNIE STEVENS in her third movie.


Updike on Easter (2018 Edition)

The Deep Roots Easter tradition continues with the 2018 edition of "Updike on Easter: Seven Voices on 'Seven Stanzas," being a septet of opinions on the import of Updike's powerful poem.

The Heart, The Inscrutable Heart

On A HEART NEVER KNOWS, Ohio's PRICE SISTERS may have lessons to impart about teleportation, so authentic is their otherworldliness.


The Inner Light

The thirty-ninth album of his career may be JOHN MCCUTCHEON's finest yet. The storytelling is vivid and moving, the music is appropriately nuanced, the singing heartfelt and engaging. Let GHOST LIGHT take hold.

Echoes From A Distant Time

IN ECHO , an ensemble devoted to 16th and 17th century music, offers MUSIC IN A COLD CLIMATE, a selection of songs from a time when the seafaring nations of Northern Europe were connected culturally and commercially by the Hans...


I Smell a Rat, A Rat Smells Danger

APOPO, a Tanzania-based non-profit organization, is having great success training African giant-pouched rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. You read that right. Join Duncan Strauss for the scoop.

Intimate and Finely Judged

The mystery of ORLANDO BLOOM's 17th Century consort anthems persists, but his work lives anew and in beauty in CHAINS OF GOLD by the MAGDALENA CONSORT, FRETWORK and HIS MAJESTYS SAGBUTTS and CORNETTS


Bob Marovich’s Gospel Picks

BOB MAROVICH continues to find gospel gems, this month ranging from vintage recordings by THE GOSPELAIRES OF DAYTON, OHIO; great modern quartet by the GOLDEN BELLS; and Japanese Christian heavy metal. Praise the Lord!

Let Us Now Praise Infamous Men

The pen and musicianship of the legendary JOHN MENDLESSOHN have brought us ISAMBARD JONES & HIS ORCHESTRA, wherein the absurdist meets the British Music Hall.