Chuck Yeager Struts The Right Stuff At 89

This week, 89-year-old nonpareil badass Gen. Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, recreated his historic achievement of Oct. 14, 1947 on that very day in 2012. The right stuff indeed.

News & Notes takes issues with Mitt Romney's 'women in binders'; Lee Roy honored by ICM for inspirational song; John Fogerty rocks Canada, returns to studio to complete new album


Revenge of the Band Geeks

The next time you hear anyone disparage or mock school marching bands, please, first, call them to account for the disrespect they show for what it takes to be part of a good marching band; and second, direct their attention to...

Charles Ives Home Has Date With Wrecking Ball

Efforts to save the Redding, CT, home where composer CHARLES IVES lived and work appear to have failed, and developers may now raze the house, pave paradise and put up a parking lot. The Charles Ives Society continues to fight ...


The Man In Black, In All Dimensions

In this the 80th year of JOHNNY CASH’s birth, Columbia/Legacy is celebrating with five new collections of vintage and previously unreleased Cash music that pretty much cover the waterfront of the Man in Black’s aesthetic.

For All He Gave, and For Giving His All

An in-depth tribute to one of the finest singers-songwriters-guitarists-producers of his time, JOE SOUTH, who died of a heart attack on September 5. He always said what he meant and meant what he said. Yeah!


Singing the Travels: Imani Uzuri Finds the Bold Heart and Global Soul of Home on The Gypsy Diaries

The mysterious figure on the moonlit railway platform, the passersby on the dusty road are not strangers; they are friends and fellow travelers. And to stunning vocalist and thoughtful, globally inspired composer Imani Uzuri, t...

‘Mission’ Accomplished

On her vaunted new album, Mission, CECILIA BARTOLI (this is her--really, it is) fashions the music of Agostino Steffani into a conceptual work brimming with passion, politics and intrigue. It is the opera great’s finest hour.