Field Notes From a Music Biz Life (Part 2)

In Part 2 of his autobiography, MICHAEL SIGMAN recalls the 'extraordinary collection of minds, heart and ears' that gathered for Saturday night festivities at the Sigman household.

The First ‘First Thanksgiving’

THE FIRST 'FIRST THANKSGIVING'--More than half a century before the Pilgrims landed on American shores, Spanish settlers in what is now St. Augustine, Florida, celebrated a lavish Thanksgiving dinner celebration and Mass of Tha...


Beyond the So-Called First Thanksgiving: 5 Children’s Books That Set the Record Straight

Five new books offer young readers a more nuanced, and accurate, account of the so-called First Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving is a good time to grab people’s attention about Wampanoag-European interactions, it does not ne...

The Deep Meaning of Passover For Us All

For MIA SHERWOOD LANDAU, Passover 'is more than a holiday to honor history.' For her, it's an opportunity to 'celebrate my own personal freedom from spiritual oppression.' Allow her to explain.


‘There’s something going on in civilization which is coming at us with great vehemence’

AT&T asked one of the great filmmakers of our time, WERNER HERZOG, to film a PSA on the dangers of texting while driving for its 'It Can Wait' campaign. Watch it here, and take heed.

Cleotha Staples, 78, Is Called Home

Remembering CLEOTHA STAPLES, Pops Staples' firstborn child and a vital element in the Staple Singers' success. Afflicted with Alzheimer's, Ms. Staples died in her Chicago home on Feb. 21.


Peter Rowan Honors ‘Old School’ Bluegrass on 2013 Release

Bluegrass legend PETER ROWAN is in the studio with an inter-gernerational lineup of musicians recording his new album, The Old School, for a spring 2013 release. Session details and a teaser video from Compass Records comprise ...

He Wrote ‘Two Steps from the Blues’

TEXAS JOHNNY BROWN, who died in Houston on July 1, will always be remembered for writing Bobby Blue Bland's classic "Two Steps from the Blues." But there was more...


Video Moment for the Ages

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, back home in NJ, August 20, 1978. 'Badlands." Rock 'n' roll at its apex. No further explanation necessary.

How Mr. Chokepear Keeps A Merry Christmas.

From a December 25, 1841 issue of the British humor and satire magazine PUNCH, a story satirizing a heartless one-percenter's self-absorbed Christmas rituals.


Hark the What? Ironies of a Beloved Carol

REV. MARK D. ROBERTS knows 'If you don’t want to tick people off, then don’t change the words of the hymns and carols.' As he explains, 'HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING' is a perfect example of this maxim.

‘It’s Like Someone’s Speaking Through Me’

Jamaican singer-songwriter BRUSHY ONE-STRING (so named because he plays a one-string guitar) evokes the likes of Percy Sledge and Louis Armstrong on his first studio album, DESTINY. 'It's like someone's speaking through me,' he...