Singing the Travels: Imani Uzuri Finds the Bold Heart and Global Soul of Home on The Gypsy Diaries

The mysterious figure on the moonlit railway platform, the passersby on the dusty road are not strangers; they are friends and fellow travelers. And to stunning vocalist and thoughtful, globally inspired composer Imani Uzuri, t...

The Quiet Heroism of ‘Right Living’

Contributing editor MICHAEL SIGMAN reflects on the recent fall of 'self-appointed heroes' and the virtues of 'quietly going about one's business.'


The Music Industry, Such as It Is…

So this is what A&R has come to? Someone taking English lessons from Beyonce?

Field Notes From a Music Biz Life (Part 2)

In Part 2 of his autobiography, MICHAEL SIGMAN recalls the 'extraordinary collection of minds, heart and ears' that gathered for Saturday night festivities at the Sigman household.


Chris Morris Writes the Book on a Great American Band

LOS LOBOS is a vitally important American band, and now it has a biography to suit its stature. MICHAEL SIGMAN gets the story behind CHRIS MORRIS's LOS LOBOS: DREAM IN BLUE.

‘Our Spirit Refuses to Die’: Declaring A National Day of Mourning

The story of the National Day of Mourning marked by Native Americans on the fourth Thursday of November begins in November 1970, the 350th anniversary of 'the first Thanksgiving,' with the suppressed speech of Wamsutta (Frank B...



Pianist-entrepreneur-innovator LARA DOWNES is back with her most ambitious project, EXILES' CAFE, focusing on the concept of music written in exile. The album, though, is only the beginning.

The Mythic Weight Of Phil Spector’s Christmas Gift: A Semicentennial Reflection

November 22, 1963, was a horrible day for the nation, and for PHIL SPECTOR, a personal disaster as well, as his ambitious Christmas album arrived and was promptly forgotten. A semicentennial look back ensues.


How Mr. Chokepear Keeps A Merry Christmas.

From a December 25, 1841 issue of the British humor and satire magazine PUNCH, a story satirizing a heartless one-percenter's self-absorbed Christmas rituals.

The Heroic and Visionary Women of Passover

' Passover, we must tell the stories of the women who played a crucial role in the Exodus narrative.' JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBERG and RABBI LAUREN HOLTBLATT offer an important perspective.


Peter Rowan Honors ‘Old School’ Bluegrass on 2013 Release

Bluegrass legend PETER ROWAN is in the studio with an inter-gernerational lineup of musicians recording his new album, The Old School, for a spring 2013 release. Session details and a teaser video from Compass Records comprise ...

All In Good Time: Scott Miller’s Rock and Roll

Contributing editor CHRISTOPHER HILL offers an appreciation and appraisal of the late SCOTT MILLER's 'gracious and nourishing, even ennobling' rock 'n' roll.