A Half-Century of Classic Animated ‘Rudolph’

On Dec. 6, 1964 NBC premiered an animated version of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER with BURL IVES as host. It drew a 50 share and was an instant holiday classic. From a 50 share to 50 years, we pay tribute to this RANKIN-BASS ...

The Deep Roots 2016 Yuletide Baedeker

A guide to the Christmas content published over the years in TheBluegrassSpecial.com and Deep Roots, including our 2016 Christmas album picks.


Conventry Carol & The Slaughter of the Innocents

'COVENTRY CAROL,' one of the most plaintive of sacred seasonal songs, has its roots in the mystery plays of 16th Century England, notably one depicting Herod's "slaughter of the innocents.'

‘It Must Have Been the Mistletoe’: Mandrell Knew It Was Cool Before It Was Cool

"It Must Have Been the Mistletoe,' written by JUSTIN WILDE and DOUG KONECKY, has become a contemporary seasonal standard, but it wasn't an easy sell. The story behind the song follows.


This American Yule

With conductor/artistic director HARRY CHRISTOPHERS at the helm, the HANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY offers a journey through traditional carols using American tunes.

Nnenna’s Unconventional Yule

An optimistic, upbeat, celebratory outpouring of emotion and spirit completely in tune with the season that inspires its unconventional approach.


The Ellingtonian ‘Nutcracker’

An appreciation of THE NUTCRACKER SUITE as DUKE ELLINGTON & BILLY STRAYHORN reimagined it in 1960 and of a new take by THE HARMONIA ENSEMBLE conducted by STEVEN RICHMOND.

All in All, A Most Wonderful Time

A tasty selection of tracks from three of ANDY WILLIAMS's eight Yuletide albums, including several superb tracks with arranger-conductor-producer ROBERT MERSEY.


A Christmas Dialogue Continues

Consider Classic as the next installment of Martina McBride’s ongoing dialogue with Christmas, and a fairly scintillating one at that. It earns its title.

The Ol’ Christmas Yin-Yang

GEORGE JONES & TAMMY WYNETTE cut only one Christmas single as a duo, but solo, each artist made worthwhile contributions to seasonal music. This Classic more than earns its title.


No Words Necessary

If you were to select only all-instrumental albums of holiday music, you could hardly do better than to latch onto disparate Yuletide forays by LEROY ANDERSON and JOHN FAHEY

What Becomes a Classic Most?

Streisand at her apex in recordings made almost three-and-a-half decades apart. Make no mistake--she’s the classic here, and a classy one at that.