The First ‘First Thanksgiving’

THE FIRST 'FIRST THANKSGIVING'--More than half a century before the Pilgrims landed on American shores, Spanish settlers in what is now St. Augustine, Florida, celebrated a lavish Thanksgiving dinner celebration and Mass of Tha...

‘Our Spirit Refuses to Die’: Declaring A National Day of Mourning

The story of the National Day of Mourning marked by Native Americans on the fourth Thursday of November begins in November 1970, the 350th anniversary of 'the first Thanksgiving,' with the suppressed speech of Wamsutta (Frank B...


‘Now Our Minds Are One’: A Native American Thanksgiving Liturgy

A meaningful call-and-response prayer from the Haudenosaunee native tradition to give some persepctive on thanks and PRovidence this Thanksgiving Day.

Learning to Savor Thanksgiving:

Learning to savor Thanksgiving: Two Native Americans explain how they have embraced certain aspects of the white man's Thanksgiving rituals.



His voice belongs to the ages now: Cleveland Duncan, lead tenor of The Penguins, died on November 6, shortly after casting his ballot in the Presidential election. Remembering the great lead singer who made 'Earth Angel' immortal.

New Glenna Bell Album Underway

Glenna Bell has started working on the followup to her acclaimed 2010 release, Perfectly Legal: Songs of Sex, Love and Murder. Here's the first report from the artist.


Rewarding and Unpredictable: An Appreciation of Elliott Carter (1908-2012)

ELLIOTT CARTER: AN APPRECIATION--America's greatest living composer died on November 5 at the age of 103. Herewith an appreciation of this visionary's rewarding and unpredictable music.

Ruminating About Sandy

If you've ever lived through a catastrophe in which you lost everything (in my case, a house I lived in burned to the ground and I walked away with only my cat and the coat on my back-and the coat was stolen the next day!) you ...


Chuck Yeager Struts The Right Stuff At 89

This week, 89-year-old nonpareil badass Gen. Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, recreated his historic achievement of Oct. 14, 1947 on that very day in 2012. The right stuff indeed.

News & Notes takes issues with Mitt Romney's 'women in binders'; Lee Roy honored by ICM for inspirational song; John Fogerty rocks Canada, returns to studio to complete new album


Revenge of the Band Geeks

The next time you hear anyone disparage or mock school marching bands, please, first, call them to account for the disrespect they show for what it takes to be part of a good marching band; and second, direct their attention to...

Charles Ives Home Has Date With Wrecking Ball

Efforts to save the Redding, CT, home where composer CHARLES IVES lived and work appear to have failed, and developers may now raze the house, pave paradise and put up a parking lot. The Charles Ives Society continues to fight ...