Collapsing Star Gives Birth to a Black Hole

‘If future observations confirm this team’s findings, this would be the first birth of a black hole ever witnessed and the first failed supernova ever discovered’

All That Heaven Allows (1955)

No one made movies quite like DOUGLAS SIRK, and ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS is one of his landmarks. Also featured: the first MIGHTY MOUSE cartoons.


‘Less Common is a Bach Album Like This’

CHRIS THILE, YO-YO MA and EDGAR MEYER honor the source yet bring a healthy non-classical pedigree to 17 Bach compositions on BACH TRIOS

Poverty and Child Labor in 28 pages

in I LIKE, I DON'T LIKE, author ANNA BACCELLIERE, with illustrators ALE+ALE, offers young readers a thought provoking look at how child labor destroys childhood.


The Cat’s Pajamas of Social Media

If you’re contemplating raising your kids without any pets in the home, you should know that one could turn out to be a man who raps about cats.

Sounds To Silence The Din of Discord

Three JULIANA HALL-composed songs cycles--based on verses by Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Marianne Moore--are masterfully rendered on LOVE'S SIGNATURE.


The Mesmerizing World of Music in 16th Century Convents

The mysterious world of 16th century convent music comes alive in MUSICAL SECRETA's LUCREZIA BORGIA'S DAUGHTER, comprised of motets published anonymously in Venice in 1543.

Alison Eastwood: Widening Efforts To Foster Fostering

CLINT EASTWOOD's accomplished daughter ALISON visits DUNCAN STRAUSS to discuss how she added 'animal advocate' to her resume and founded


Mendelssohn’s ‘Hymn of Praise’

GEORGE P. UPTON examines the life of FELIX MENDELSSOHN and the story behind the great composer's Symphony No. 2 ('Hymn of Praise').

My Beautiful Birds

In MY BEAUTIFUL BIRDS author SUZANNE DEL RIZZO addresses young readers with an instructive, very human tale about the plight of Syrian refugees, told from a young refugee's point of view.


Klezmer? Gypsies? Schubert? Yes!

Schubert's classic C Major Quintet re-invented by ZRI, a Hungarian klezmer band, in a revelatory performance following the group's acclaimed 2014 gypsy interpretations of Brahms's music

Of Ethereal, Poised Beauty

Film composer Richard Harvey's disc of highly evocative choral music in superb performances from two Baltic choirs, the LATVIAN RADIO CHOIR and the ESTONIAN PHILHARMONIC CHAMBER CHOIR