‘It’s No Surprise that Mother Earth is What’s Bringing Us Together’

The Cowboy Indian Alliance and Native American tribes (and Neil Young) unite to save sacred lands from the ravages of the Keystone XL pipeline

100 Years Later: Fort Sill Apache Still Fighting to Return to Homelands

March 7 marked the 100th anniversary of the release from prisoner of war status of the Chiricahua-Warm Springs Apache Tribe, aka the FORT SILL APACHE TRIBE. Now the tribe is hoping to reclaim its ancient homeland in New Mexico....


Joseph FireCrow Jr. Walks On

Remembering JOSEPH FIRECROW, cultural ambassador and GRAMMY winning Northern Cheyenne flute player, who walked on at age 58.

Ryan to Tribes: Drop Dead; Obama Disagrees, Shows Them the Money

Lunatic PAUL RYAN wants to decimate the budget for Indian Health Services. Pushback is coming from PRESIDENT OBAMA, whose Fiscal 2015 Budget expands IHS services and funds other opportunities for Native Americans.


Unraveling the ‘Redskins’ Lie: Americans Don’t Know Native History

KEVIN GOVER, director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, on the role of museums in correcting Americans' misperceptions about Native Americans; Honor the Earth protests the Sandpiper Pipeline; review o...

‘It’s Almost Like We’re Standing Against an Evil Giant’

NAVAJO WOMEN are rising up against unfettered oil and gas development on Native lands; a statue of CHIEF JOSEPH of the Nez Perce is going into Statuary Hall.


Trump Gives Finger to Native Americans

Chief Red Cloud, late 1800s: 'They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one: they promised to take our land, and they took it.'

South Dakota PUC to Tribes: Drop Dead

Tribes rebuffed in attempt to air grievances in Keystone XL pipeline hearings; Lower Brule Sioux rejects Keystone XL, demands immediate removal of TransCanada from South Dakota.


For Sale: Wounded Knee; Johnny Depp, Grandstander; Chief Red Cloud, 93, Walks On

WOUNDED KNEE for sale? JOHNNY DEPP grandstands about buying it and returning it to the Tribe, but it's only noise; remembering CHIEF OLIVER RED CLOUD

Feeling the Spirit, Orcas Circle Ferry as It Carries Native Artifacts to Ancestral Home

When a ferry showed up in Puget Sound carrying Native artifacts to the Burke Museum in Seattle, nearly three dozen orcas escorted it safely to the terminal. Coincidence, or feeling the spirit?


Wounded Knee Update: Auction Set for Oct. 1

An update on the fate of WOUNDED KNEE, plus an unforgettable letter to the editor in response to Jim Czywczysnki's attempt to sell the land. Also: the Yin and Yang of wind farms

Why Standing Rock Matters

In this measured but impassioned essay, LIZ PEREZ HALPERIN, Native American and Navy Veteran, explains the issues surrounding the Standing Rock resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Must reading.