Terre Roche: truths revealed between the lines and in odd phrasings…
Terre Roche: truths revealed between the lines and in odd phrasings…



Terre Roche

Earth Rock Wreckerds


The second-born of three talented Roche sisters that have been with us in various combinations ever since siblings Maggie and Terre made their debut in 1975 on the Paul Simon-produced LP Seductive Reasoning, Terre is emerging solo, and quite seductively, for the first time since her 1998 album The Sound of a Tree Falling. Herein she applies her warm soprano to a collection of often quirky original tunes ranging from the manic humor of a gently rocking ode to a fast-paced world (“The Dang Beehive”) to a wry, old-timey banjo-and-guitar-driven treatise on treacherous societal forces unseen but deeply felt (“Stick Up Hair”) to a lovely but supremely heart tugging ballad addressing a departed lover whose presence persists in memory (“Imprint”).

‘Imprint,’ the title track from Terre Roche’s new album

In true Roches fashion, the songs’ topics are never as clear cut as they seem on the surface, as larger truths are revealed between the lines and in odd phrasings. Only Jay Anderson’s bass and percussion provide periodic support for Ms. Roche’s voice and guitar in a crystal-clear soundscape that captures the essence of a unique artist with what former Roches producer Robert Fripp pinpointed as “a small and appropriate level of technology.” Imprint will leave its mark on you.


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