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The traditional bluegrass band Nu-Blu, led by stellar vocalist Carolyn Routh (who doubles on bass) and her husband Daniel (vocals/guitar), with the lineup further enhanced by Levi Austin (banjo-guitar-voals) and Austin Koerner (mandolin), is marking its first decade of musicmaking with a new album on Rural Rhythm, appropriately titled Ten, and a blitz of three new videos promoting songs off the album. The first of the videos, for ‘Trains I Didn’t Take,’ gives Daniel, Austin and Levi room to make tantalizing solo statements in support of Carolyn’s assured, emotional lead vocal. Every year of Nu-Blu’s existence is another triumph for Carolyn, who in 2003 suffered a series of debilitating strokes that left her unable to speak and barely able to walk. Leaning on her faith and the support of her doctors, husband and family, she has made a remarkable recovery—so much so that in watching her perform here you’d be hard pressed to believe the story of her health crisis. In lauding the album, Bluegrass Unlimited noted: “Carolyn’s show-stopping pipes and courageous powers of renewal are merely the tip of the iceberg. These ten well-chosen songs also highlight the highly accomplished picking and harmony singing that this four-member ensemble brings to the show.”

Watch this space for the other new Nu-Blu videos and visit the band’s website for more information.

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