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Talking Animals Seeks Your Support

For a small donation to support Talking Animals, this snazzy t-shirt could be yours!

If you’re a regular reader of the monthly Talking Animals column, or have become a listener of Talking Animals—the radio show that spawns the column, which profiles a recent guest on the program—I’m hoping I can ask your support.

WMNF, the Tampa NPR affiliate that carries Talking Animals, is about to embark on its winter fund drive—fund drives being the lifeblood (some might say: necessary evil) of public radio stations everywhere. Stations like WMNF rely on revenues from fund drives to sustain 70% to 80% of its operating budget.

I just had a spiffy new Talking Animals T-shirt made, partly as a thank-you gift for anyone who donates $50 in support of “Talking Animals” and WMNF. The T-shirt is black and available in all sizes. There are two ways you can pledge for the shirt:

  1. Donate through the Talking Animals “tip jar.” After filling out your personal information, scroll to the bottom of the page and note your t-shirt size in the Comments box.
  1. E-mail me at Duncan@wmnf.org, and I’ll follow-up with you about the info (name, address, payment method, etc) to complete a pledge card.

Again, this ends on Feb. 20—so please don’t wait. You don’t want to miss out on one of these fabulous T-shirts, do you? Thanks very much for your help and your support. –Duncan Strauss

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