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In Her Own Words: Up-and-Coming Illustrator Sairom Moon


Today’s the first Sunday of the month, so I welcome a student illustrator. Her name is Sairom Moon, and though she’s originally from South Korea, she comes to 7-Imp by way of her instructor at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), illustrator Shadra Strickland.

Let’s get right to Sairom’s introduction, in her own words …


Sairom: I was majoring in Communication Design at Hongik University in Korea until I decided to transfer to MICA in the United States to broaden my artistic view and interest. Currently, I am studying Illustration. … Experience in both Communication Design and Illustration helped me to work freely with both the computer and hand. Also, I became more interested in children’s books after taking Professor Shadra Strickland’s Book Illustration class.


I like to work in small size[s] but with highly detailed delicacy. This is because I like to express happiness through my … materials. I love when people get interested in my illustrations and start to observe them closely to find all the smallest details. For this reason, I try to put in as much fun and interesting details as possible as a present to those who show interest in my drawings. I feel happy giving pleasure through my illustrations, but feel happier watching people feeling happy. I am an illustrator who cares about my viewers.

My illustrations are usually done with watercolor and pencil. If those were the first tools I used to express dazzling colors, now I try many other tools. I used acrylic and paper cut and many other mediums as I started studying Illustration. I also found out ways of expression [with] limited color use or a limited medium. I still continue to explore new and various ways on my illustrations.

Three Little Rabbits is one of my earliest illustrations:

Little Red Riding Hood [are some] of my recently finished illustrations [pictured above and below]. I reconstructed the original Little Red Riding Hood … by changing the wolf to cats.


Most recently, I am working on Secret Garden spot illustrations, using mixed media, pencil drawings, and Photoshop:

Many thanks to Sairom for visiting and to Shadra for the heads-up about her work. I hope Sairom keeps in touch and that we hear more about her work in the years to come. What’s your favorite piece, dear Imps? My favorite is the one opening the post (which would be precisely why I put it up there, all tippy-top).

All images are © Sairom Moon and reproduced here with her permission.


(New Year’s Edition): Featuring Elisa Kleven

(Click to enlarge)


Instead of featuring a brand-new picture book today or an up-and-coming illustrator, I’ve got artwork from one of my favorite picture book artists, Elisa Kleven.

The new year is upon us, and when I thought about sharing artwork as we edge up on 2013, some art that would buoy our spirits, I immediately thought of her.

Elisa sent me a handful of illustrations, and it was hard to choose which to share (for many reasons, I’m going to keep this post relatively short and sweet this week), but I chose the one above, and these two:

(Click each to enlarge)

May you all party hard in the new year—or spend it quietly, if you so choose—and may there be fireworks of one sort or another in your 2013.

Oh, and peace. Here’s hoping we all have peace — in many directions and in many ways and in many hearts and brains.

All artwork is by Elisa Kleven and used with her permission.


[box_light]jules-cropThis and many more of Jules’s adventures in books, kids’ lit and illustration can be found at her acclaimed blog, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, where the blog about Komako Sakai was published on May 12, 2013 and the blog about Elisabeth Craster appeared on May 5, 2013. Visit often. It’ll do your body and soul good.







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