Staying the Course

On CARTER STANLEY'S EYES, PETER ROWAN journeys into his deepest roots in bluegrass and folk. That's what happens when you stick with it.

Church Aphorisms and Mother Wit in Abundance

Still singing songs packed with church aphorisms and mother wit, some of BEVERLY CRAWFORD's most memorable moments are captured on THE ESSENTIAL-VOL 2


Make That ‘Loving Tribute’

Honoring important people in his life and career, ace jazz guitarist LARRY NEWCOMB adds BUCKY PIZZARELLI to his Quartet and delivers on LIVING TRIBUTE

Right Where You Need To Be

On TURN TO JESUS, the newly minted DAVE ADKINS TRIO explains what it means to be known by God, to be held in God's gaze, to be 'right where you need to be.'


Retrospectives of the Year (2016)

Something akin to Lifetime Achievement Awards: Paul McCartney's Pure McCartney and Rhonda Vincent & The Rage's All the Rage: Rhonda Vincent & The Rage Live in Concert, Volume One

The Elite Half Hundred of 2016, Part 1

Fifty albums that made life worth living in 2016. Part 1.


The Elite Half Hundred of 2016, Part 2

Albums 26 through 50 in Part 2 of the Elite Half Hundred of 2016

Summoning Bukka

RORY BLOCK continues her Mentor Series with a scintillating tribute to a perennially underrated Delta blues man in KEEPIN' OUTTA TROUBLE: A TRIBUTE TO BUKKA WHITE


Border Patrol

In a true border crossing event, GABRIEL ESPINOSA and TIERNEY SUTTON deliver a nuanced tribute to the songs of BURT BACHARACH and Mexican songwriting legend ARMANDO MANZANERO.

The Philosopher Ascendant

AL BASILE brings his voice, his cornet and his songwriting skills to bear most impressively on a new album that speaks to respect for those who came before even as it addresses contemporary issues.


Of Heart, Soul & the Collaborative Dance

The collaborative art of heart and soul via solid new albums by the ERNIE WATTS QUARTET and the combo led by LAFAYETTE HARRIS JR. with guest legend HOUSTON PERSON on tenor sax.

Traveling Upwards to That Glorious Place

DOYLE LAWSON & QUICKSILVER rejoice all the way through BURDEN BEARER, bluegrass gospel delivered with conviction and authority, with and without instruments.