Jammin’ On the High Seas

Originally given away free as a collectible to patrons of the annual Rhythm & Blues Cruise , Robert Mugge’s hour-and-a-half documentary offers an in-depth look at the fabled after-hours jams sessions aboard ship, when...

With Purpose and Passion

"We were just raising some funds for this amazing junior high school on two Sunday afternoons with the student body and teachers also in attendance,” Darrell Scott writes in the liner copy. It may indeed have been as casual a...


The Songs Linger On…

Multiple JUNO award winner OLD MAN LUEDECKE has one of the sleeper albums of 2013 in TENDER IS THE NIGHT. Produced by TIM O'BRIEN, its songs linger in memory and beg repeat listens.

The Game of Love

By David McGee BEFORE THE WORLD WAS MADE Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay B&N In a world festering with male-female duos, Austin’s Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay have some clear advantages over the competition. For starters...


In Search of the Cleansing Moment

Merciless as ever, and making paint peel from the walls with the heat of his guitar blitzkrieg, DUDLEY TAFT has made his third solo album, SCREAMING IN THE WIND, his most memorable.

Being About The Enduring Values

One of the hottest new bluegrass releases of this young year, DARIN & BROOKE ALDRIDGE's SNAPSHOTS centers on the enduring values of faith and love.


The Elite Half Hundred of 2016, Part 2

Albums 26 through 50 in Part 2 of the Elite Half Hundred of 2016

For That Man In the Booth, the One With a Woman on Each Arm…

Apart from interviewing Albert King in 1978 upon the release of his New Orleans Heat album on the Tomato label, where he was continuing the roll he had enjoyed during the previous five years on Stax, my enduring memories of thi...


Between Rock and a Traditional Place

Lisa Matassa's impressive EP Somebody's Baby is not for country traditionalist, but fans of contemporary arena-style mainstream country will find much to admire in the rock-fueled anthems, but there is evidence here of a sensit...

Chaotic, Angelic & Many Other Fine Things

A review of Sarah Alden's debut album, FISTS OF VIOLETS.


When Vintage Becomes Timeless

DAVID IAN did it in 2011 with Vintage Christmas, and does it again in 2012 with Vintage Christmas Wonderland: gather the combo, pare the set list to five songs and deliver a Christmas gem.

Country Girl, City Rocker

ANN KLEIN has made a name for herself as a fiery guitarist, but on her new solo album, TUMBLEWEED SYMPHONY, she reveals a tender side plus an affinity for country music.