Artist of the Violin: Chatting Up Brooke Alford

It's not a full-blown trend yet, but the violin is becoming more prevalent in gospel music. One of the leading practitioners of gospel violin, BROOKE ALFORD, has a new album, VIOSOCALIST, that also spotlights her affecting sing...

Troy Sneed Keeps It Simple

Gospel singer, producer, choir leader and executive TROY SNEED may wear many hats in his world, but his watchword, as he explains to BOB MAROVICH, is to 'keep it simple.'


‘It Is the Sho’ ‘Nuff Truth’

JUDY CHEEKS, daughter of gospel giant REV. JULIUS CHEEKS of the Sensational Nightingales, has emigrated from the secular world to gospel with a powerful debut album. An exclusive interview follows.

Linda Clark: Many Influences, One God

LINDA CLARK used to serve the country as a member of the U.S. Army; now, as a promising gospel singer, she's serving her Lord--most impressively, too, on her album New Beginnings.


Gerald Scott’s ‘Edgy Sunday Morning’ Testimony in Song

By Bob Marovich A month before his senior class graduated from high school, Gerald Scott penned a song for the choir to sing at the commencement ceremony. “It was 2003, I was eighteen years old, and I wrote a song called ‘D...

Of The Word, Dark Secrets and Inconvenient Truths

A review of gospel authority ANTHONY HEILBUT's new book of incisive, informed essays, The Fan Who Knew Too Much, which includes a lengthy examination of the gay subculture within the gospel world. Also: an interview with Mr. He...


‘Human Hands Getting Real Close to the Word of God’

An interview with Michele Clark Jenkins, co-editor of the Sisters In Faith Holy Bible, a new resource for African American women, 'a sister-to-sister guide through the Word of God,' as Ms. Jenkins says.

The Wait is Over for Alvin Darling

Stellar and Dove Award nominee ALVIN DARLING showcases the singer-songwriter's Pentecostal church roots and years spent on the gospel highway as a quartet singer. In our interview, he discusses his new album, WAITING RIGHT HERE.


Hello, Dolly: The ‘Different Dynamic’ of Jermaine Dolly

Giving new meaning to the salutation 'Hello, Dolly!,' rising gospel star JERMAINE DOLLY talks to BOB MAROVICH about his sudden ascendancy and long-term goals.

TBGB Music Hour Special–Christmas Gospel Songs

At his Black Gospel Blog, BOB MAROVICH, Gospel Editor of Deep Roots, has launched his annual online Music Hour Christmas Special. One click and you're transported...


‘When You Worship More, You Worry Less’

One of gospel's best selling artists,JAMES FORTUNE and his group FIYA have enjoyed a #1 run with their new double-CD album, LIVE THROUGH IT. Fortune's most popular songs focus on overcoming hardships, and he explains why in an ...

First Creation: One Loss but Many Gains

ONE LOSS, MANY GAINS: death claimed one of FIRST CREATION's key members earlier this year, but the group has been blessed in other ways.