It’s a Giraffe! It’s a Horse! It’s a Zebra!
No, It’s an Okapi, the Odd Duck of the Congo

A giraffe head plopped on a dark brown horse body with the rump and legs of a zebra--not a mistake from the Animal Design Studio, but a real animal, the okapi, the last large animal discovered in Africa. And John Lukas has been...

A 2nd Chance for Orphaned Pets

Pets orphaned by their deceased or ill owners are an at-risk group. AMY SHEVER, founder of 2nd CHANCE 4 PETS, is about making sure these animals don't wind up discarded in shelters.


John Bradshaw Knows What Makes Our Cats Tick (And Purr, For That Matter)

What makes cats tick? International cat expert and best selling author JOHN BRADSHAW offers his theories in this new book, CAT SENSE, and talks felines with our DUNCAN STRAUSS.

Best In Show: Fred Willard In Anything, Including Animal Welfare

'I've always loved animals,' FRED WILLARD tells DUNCAN STRUASS in the new installment of TALKING ANIMALS. Among other topics, he discusses his involvement in Actors and Others for Animals.


‘I Always Thought SeaWorld Was a Happy Place’

An interview with documentary filmmaker GABRIELA COWPERTHWAITE on her eye opening documentary BLACKFISH about the mistreatment of Orcas in captivity.

Inside the Beagle Freedom Project

At some 380 U.S. research institutions and labs, 70,000 dogs are being experimented on--and 96 percent of those dogs are beagles. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the story.


The Paw Project Scratches Out Ways To Educate About Declawing—And To Halt It

DR. JENNIFER CONRAD, a veterinarian, has founded THE PAW PROJECT to educate the public about the dangers of declawing cats, and then to halt the odious practice in its tracks. An exclusive interview by DUNCAN STRAUSS.

Zoobiquity: Connecting Health In Animals And Humans

If you think animals and humans don't have the same problems, think again. BARBARA NATTERSON-HOROWITZ and KATHRYN BOWERS, co-authors of the best selling ZOOBIQUITY: THE ASTONISHING CONNECTION BETWEEN HUMAN AND ANIMAL HEALTH, d...


Tom Kenny: Life with SpongeBob and Other Talking Animals

Talking talking animals with TOM KENNY, the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants (and other characters on that show) and a bonafide legend in the animation world. Interviewed by DUNCAN STRAUSS.

On Cats Behaving Badly And Convincing Them To Stop

Laugh it you like, but MIESHELLE NAGELSCHNEIDER really does command unique skills and a magic touch when dealing with felines of all stripes. Not for nothing is she called The Cat Whisperer.


‘Hug’: Paws For Patriots Dogs Ease Wounded Veterans Passage Into Post-Combat Life

Since 2006 the non-profit organization PAWS FOR PATRIOTS has been training and providing, free of charge, guide dogs to veterans with visual impairments. DUNCAN STRAUSS has the inside story on this invaluable effort.

What’s A Dog For?: John Homan’s Ambitious Journey Through The Canine World

In the new Talking Animals installment, Duncan Strauss chats with JOHN HOMANS, executive editor of New York Magazine and author of the fascinating 'What's a Dog For? The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy and Politics of M...